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Ready For Blockchain Voting?

Last Updated March 4, 2021 4:48 PM
Joseph Bradley
Last Updated March 4, 2021 4:48 PM

Transparency and accessibility to information have always been issues dealt with during elections.

Lest we forget the insanity in the United States during the elections of 2000 . Recount after recount to ensure that the votes were properly counted and ultimately the courts decided. Well, Blockchain Technologies Corp. (BTC)  is here to change voting.

Blockchain Voting success in Texas

We have been tracking the development of BTC’s tech here at CCN.com.LA. But just a few weeks ago the folks at BTC took a trip to San Antonio, Texas to demo the technology for the Libertarian Party of Texas’ (LPTexas) 2016 State Convention. The technology was well received and seemed to provide some promising and much-needed functionality. Kurt Hildebrand, the Convention’s Chairman was quite impressed stating, “I was very impressed with BTC’s services and greatly appreciated how much they went above and beyond the call of duty to ensure the success of our elections and our convention.”

The use of blockchain within the context of voting is an interesting application. Because of the nature of the distributed ledger all voting records could be time stamped and cryptographically enshrined in the blockchain. The election records would then publicly viewable and easily accessed by officials. No more recounts by hand? Sounds pretty good.

Moving on to New York

Following the success of the case in San Antonio Blockchain Technologies Corp. has been chosen to roll the tech out for New York Libertarian Party’s (NYLP) upcoming convention on April 30th. Regarding using the technology in the United States first the CEO of Blockchain Technologies Corp., Nick Spanos said  “As the world’s premier democracy, the US must set an example for others to follow. BTC is bringing trust, transparency, and efficiency to elections, and thereby restoring faith in democracy and increased voter enfranchisement.”
Blockchain Technologies Corp. has also filed a non-provisional patent regarding the usage of blockchain within the context of vote capture.

The technology that currently supports elections is quite a sad affair. Only recently have companies started to update the unbelievably antiquated tech . Hopefully, BTC can breathe some new life into a crucially important part of the democratic process.