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QAnon Gets Another Mainstream Plug, Thanks to Vice President Pence

Last Updated September 23, 2020 2:29 PM
Simon Chandler
Last Updated September 23, 2020 2:29 PM
  • Vice President Mike Pence and members of Trump’s reelection campaign are to attend a fundraiser hosted by supporters of the QAnon conspiracy theory.
  • Trump hasn’t approved of any of the theory’s specific claims, but by associating with and praising supporters of the theory, he’s encouraging its promotion.
  • Trump’s growing association with QAnon shows that he has nothing left to defend his presidency other than lies and unfounded claims.

Vice President Mike Pence will attend a fundraiser in Montana next week hosted by supporters of the QAnon conspiracy theory. The hosts — Caryn and Michael Borland — have previously shared QAnon-related posts on social media, and have also donated over $220,000 to Donald Trump’s reelection campaign.

In attending the event, Pence follows in the footsteps of Trump, who has previously spoken positively of QAnon followers.

Yet by tacitly endorsing the QAnon conspiracy theory, both men have shown that the Trump administration has nothing left. They’ve proven that they can’t defend their leadership by pointing to facts and evidence, but only by encouraging a baseless conspiracy theory which claims that Satan-worshipping, pedophilic deep-state Democrats are out to get them.

Mike Pence Rubs Shoulders With QAnon Conspiracy Theorists

It’s not only Mike Pence who will be attending the Montana fundraiser next week, but also senior officials from Donald Trump’s campaign.

According to an event invitation obtained by the Associated Press , these include Kimberly Guilfoyle (who is also dating Donald Trump Jr.), GOP chairwoman Ronna McDaniel, Republican National Committee finance chairman Todd Ricketts, and RNC co-chairman Tommy Hicks Jr.

They will be hosted by the Borland’s. Both Caryn  and Michael Borland  have made their Twitter accounts private, although Michael’s profile picture features an obvious QAnon meme.

Trump QAnon conspiracy theory supporter Twitter profile
Michael Borland’s Twitter profile picture makes a reference to the QAnon conspiracy theory. | Source: Twitter 

Other Twitter users have been able to screenshot posts Michael Borland has retweeted . These include a post claiming the reality of “Pizzagate,” which is the theory that high-level figures are running a pedophile ring.

Trump QAnon conspiracy theory supporter retweet
Michael Borland appears to have retweeted a post endorsing the Pizzagate element of the QAnon conspiracy theory. | Source: Twitter 

Trump Administration Endorses Pro-Trump Conspiracy Theories

Seeing as how the fundraiser is being hosted by paid-up QAnon conspiracy nuts, the attendance of a big chunk of the Trump team pretty much means that Trump is at least okay with the conspiracy. He and Pence may not have approved the specific claims it makes, but by associating with — and even approving of — QAnon supporters, they provide it with oxygen.

Donald Trump has repeatedly praised QAnon supporters while refusing to comment on whether he believes the theory. He did this on August 14, when he sidestepped a question on QAnon  in order to praise a Republic congressional candidate who herself has promoted the theory.

He did something very similar on August 19, when he used a press conference to commend the theory’s supporters.

By “appreciating” the QAnon “movement,” Trump is effectively approving of its claims. He approves of the people involved in spreading the conspiracy theory, which for all intents and purposes has the same effects as approving of what they do. And what do they do? They claim that opposition to Trump is part of some sinister conspiracy.

Nothing Left But Conspiracies And Falsehoods

Trump’s approval of QAnon supporters gives them the confidence and incentive to continue promoting outlandish claims. But it also shows just how politically and morally bankrupt the Trump administration is.

Instead of defending his record with reliable data on jobs , incomes , health outcomes , educational attainment levels , and so on, his administration instead chooses to encourage an irrational and illogical conspiracy. Because that’s all it can do.

Trump has very little to actually show for his presidency, so he would rather claim that all opposition to him is somehow orchestrated by the Illuminati, or the Lizard Men. But his cozying up to QAnon may end up being one step too far for floating voters come November.

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