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Prince Harry Stoops to New Low with Coronavirus Virtue Signaling

Last Updated March 4, 2021 2:45 PM
Aubrey Hansen
Last Updated March 4, 2021 2:45 PM
  • Prince Harry has been conducting video interviews from his mansion in Los Angeles.
  • Harry and Meghan Markle were conveniently seen making volunteer food deliveries.
  • The couple’s break from the royal family hasn’t quite gone as they’d hoped.

Just when you think that Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle can’t stoop any lower, they go ahead and prove all of us wrong.

Prince Harry has been under fire for jetting off to Los Angeles while his family has to hold down the fort in the United Kingdom. His father, Prince Charles, contracted the coronavirus. The Queen and Prince Philip, his grandparents, have been in self-isolation for weeks.

Prince William and Kate Middleton have had to step up and shoulder the royal responsibility on their own.

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You would hope that Prince Harry recognizes that he’s let his family down

You would hope that Prince Harry would recognize that by effectively running away to accommodate his selfish wife, Meghan Markle, he’s let his family down.

If I were Prince Harry, I’d keep my head down. Maybe wait out the lockdown before looking to make amends.

What I wouldn’t do is carry out an interview where I ask former soldiers to volunteer their services to the British health system while I sit in Hollywood.

Aside from a rumored publicity stunt  where he and Meghan have been photographed helping with some food deliveries, Prince Harry has done absolutely nothing of value during this pandemic.

He’s happy enough to accept taxpayers’ money to help finance the security that keeps his family safe in their luxurious mansion. But he doesn’t want any part of providing a service in return.

Then again, why should he do anything when he can kick back in L.A. and ask others to make sacrifices?

Harry and Meghan can’t stop blundering their way through their new lives

First, it was Prince Harry being caught out by some comedians on a phone call. What he said has become a cause for embarrassment. He mocked the president of the very country in which he wants to live.

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Then it was the numerous climbdowns over which titles they can use in their branding.

But Prince Harry took his blundering to a new level when he spoke with Declassified, a military podcast series, where he commented: 

Up and down the UK, from Dorset up to Staffordshire, there are hundreds of thousands of people volunteering. I was just reading a Guardian article about the impact this is making, where some people are putting their names forward and are getting upset that they are not being used because there are so many volunteers. It’s such a wonderfully British thing that we all come to help when we are needed.

Hold up.

We all come to help when we are needed? Seriously?

What exactly are you doing to help, Harry? Aside from a PR stunt complete with a photographer?

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Your brother, Prince William, is helping. He’s there on the front lines.  A visible figure who is living and working in the country that provides him and his family with a very comfortable life.

He’s doing what he can to repay what the British people have given him.

Prince Harry is sitting in Los Angeles, where he’s of use to no one.

Prince Harry loves Britain so much that he couldn’t wait to leave

Continuing his interview with the Declassified podcast,  Prince Harry recognized the fantastic feats of Captain Tom Moore . Moore, a 99-year-old World War II veteran, has raised an incredible $32 million for NHS charities.

Harry gushed:

What he’s done is utterly amazing. It’s not just what he’s done; it’s the reaction people have had. Again, wonderfully British.

I wonder how someone with such a love for Britain, and who believes that we come to help when we are needed, can stand to be so far away and so useless during this time of need.

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