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Meghan Markle Fans Had Disgusting Reaction to Prince Charles’ Coronavirus Diagnosis

Last Updated March 4, 2021 2:41 PM
Aubrey Hansen
Last Updated March 4, 2021 2:41 PM
  • Prince Charles has tested positive for coronavirus.
  • As a nation rallies around one of the most popular and kind-hearted royals, it highlights how vital the royal family is to the people of Britain.
  • Fans of Meghan Markle predictably make the news all about their idol.

This is the news royal fans hoped would never come . Royal family punditry had been dominated by Meghan Markle and Prince Harry lately, but this puts it all into perspective. A prominent member of the royal family, Prince Charles, has tested positive for coronavirus.

I’ll say this about Prince Harry. Regardless of his actions of late, or the behavior of his wife, Meghan Markle, absolutely no one deserves to see a family member contract this terrible virus.

I feel for Prince Harry at this time. I really do.

Prince Harry must be worried sick about his father

prince charles coronavirus
No matter what you think about Prince Harry’s decision to move to America with Meghan Markle, you have to feel for him as Prince Charles battles coronavirus. | Source: ComposedPix/Shutterstock.com

Harry and Meghan couldn’t have picked a worse time to up sticks and move to Canada. Some would say that this kind of situation was always possible. Harry should have made arrangements to remain in the U.K. with his family and postponed his move to North America.

The fact is, he’s stranded on the other side of the world while his family lurches into a crisis.

Not only that, but it seems that Meghan Markle fans have predictably leaped on this news to further their own sick agenda.

Meghan Markle fans make it all about their idol

Who would use a 71-year-old man’s coronavirus diagnosis as an excuse to attack the British media?

Meghan Markle fans, that’s who.

Source: Twitter 

I guess we should know not to expect anything else from the shameful “Sussex Squad.” I hope they realize that their actions will only be causing heartache to the husband of their idol.

It’s at times like these I wonder: Are these so-called fans actually fans at all?

meghan markle, sussex squad
Source: Twitter 

Perhaps Meghan Markle is nothing more than a convenient front for sad, horrible, hate-filled people to spew their bile.

Because if they were fans of Meghan Markle, they would be showing compassion for her husband – and the grandfather of her child.

sussex squad reaction to prince charles testing positive for coronavirus
Source: Twitter 

I have absolutely no doubt that Meghan herself, for all her faults, will not be happy to see Prince Charles struck down by the coronavirus.

She would probably be disgusted and embarrassed to be associated with such people.

prince charles
Source: Twitter 

Prince Charles isn’t letting coronavirus stop him from doing his duty

Although most media outlets won’t confirm where Prince Charles caught coronavirus, he recently met with Prince Albert of Monaco , who has also tested positive for the virus.

This would be a likely source.

prince charles coronavirus
Source: Twitter 

Royal insiders claim Prince Charles has been displaying mild symptoms but is otherwise in good health. He’s even continued working from home as usual, which speaks to the character of the man.

I’m sure every decent human being will join me in wishing Prince Charles a speedy recovery, sending our thoughts to his family, and delivering a sharp rebuke to the more vitriolic members of the Sussex Squad.

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