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PIVX Growth Not Influenced by Dash nor Bitcoin in Altcoin Swell

Last Updated March 4, 2021 4:55 PM
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Last Updated March 4, 2021 4:55 PM

In Good or bad times, Bitcoin has always been a blessing to the digital currency ecosystem. Even at the verge of a split, the pioneer Crypto influences the rise of many sound altcoins.

The fear of Bitcoin splitting as a result of the ongoing acrimonious Hard Fork dispute has led to community members paying attention to altcoins and investing in them.

PIVX as a fallout of a row in the Dash community, without reservation, is taking advantage of the current situation. However, some experts believe the current admirable rise of the anon Crypto could be linked to the sudden growth of Dash.

Difference Between Dash and PIVX

CCN.com decided to find out what is influencing PIVX match into the mainstream of the industry. When asked whether Dash’s gain has anything to do with PIVX success, Elisha Owusu Akyaw, a team member of PIVX thinks the answer could be yes and no.

“Yes because PIVX is a fork of Dash and inherits all its features. The progress Dash has made in the past weeks shows that decentralised governance, a reward mechanism such as Masternodes, instant and private transactions are great innovations”, Elisha indicated. However, he strongly believes the dichotomy between Dash and PIVX is the latter’s true decentralisation through their Community Designed Governance, the choice of Staking over mining, faster block time and all the other features they have built and intend to build on top of the Dash code are the more reason the answer is more of a no than yes.

Is It Sustainable?

Many at times altcoins rise astronomically and within a twinkle of an eye, they degenerate into the lower echelons but Elisha was confident their course will be unabated. He reveals:

“PIVX is the only cryptocurrency among the top 15, listed on less big exchanges and has less adoption but has still pulled through with the exposure the currency has seen in the last few weeks and its specifications. With all this in mind, adoption in the coming months of PIVX based on the price hike and the technology behind the currency would cause continuous growth in all aspects”.

PIVX’s Identity

Then again Elisha who is in charge of communications for PIVX was of the view that his outfit has built an identity of its own now, and the Dash similarities only serve as an assurance of tried and tested innovations while the upgrades represent PIVX’s identity as Private Instant Verified Transactions with Community Designed Governance. He thinks with this identity, the rise in both currencies might be parallel but PIVX will hold its own if the Dash price drops.

“The PIVX community has come a long way and the fun thing is we are just getting started”, Elisha said. “The team is committed to building the best of all cryptocurrencies through the contributions of our network”, Elisha assured their holders and supporters.

As to whether PIVX growth is sustainable, it is yet to be proven, and CCN.com is keenly observing in order to inform our numerous readers around the globe.

Chart from CoinMarketCap. Featured image from Shutterstock.