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Petition Seeks Walmart to Accept Bitcoin

Last Updated March 4, 2021 4:49 PM
Rebecca Campbell
Last Updated March 4, 2021 4:49 PM

Signatories are being asked to sign a new petition from Change.org to get Walmart to accept Bitcoin payments directly as consumers struggle to spend their bitcoins on everyday purchases.

For many digital currency enthusiasts acquiring bitcoins is the easy part; however, for many it’s not always so easy spending it, particularly when it comes to everyday expenses such as grocery shopping.

This is why the Change.org petition  has been created with the objective of getting Walmart to start accepting the digital currency. If Walmart were to accept Bitcoin it would come at a fitting moment for the company as it drops Visa as a payment method due to the high fees associated with it.

Not only that but in recent weeks the value of Bitcoin has been rising making it almost impossible to ignore the digital currency as an alternative payment method.

Easy Availability

Since Bitcoin came on the scene in 2009, it has grown exponentially with its market cap now larger than the total valuation of Western Union or Twitter.

Its growth has meant that it is now possible for people to purchase bitcoins in storefronts across the country, making it readily available to people who want to use the digital currency as a convenient form of payment.

Canadian decentralized technologies hub, Decentral, announced at the beginning of the year that Canadians will be able to readily purchase the cryptocurrency, enabling those who aren’t tech-savvy to have an easier way of paying for everyday purchases at stores such as Walmart.

Bitcoin ATM manufacturer, BitAccess, is another company that is also stepping up to the challenge by revealing that bitcoin can be purchased at 6,000 retail storefronts in Canada, via a Flexepin voucher that works similar to a store card.

Accepting Bitcoin

Of course, what remains to be seen now is what will happen when the number of signatures required has been met. At the time of publishing, there were 64 signatures out of the 100 needed on the Change.org petition.

However, if Walmart were to start accepting Bitcoin they would have nothing to lose, and it would help to boost the adoption rate of digital currency in the U.S. and Canada, and will only help to attract positive attention to the digital currency.

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