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Le Monde and Prisa Media Join Forces with OpenAI In A “Step Towards the Future of News”

Last Updated March 14, 2024 3:46 PM
Samantha Dunn
Last Updated March 14, 2024 3:46 PM

Key Takeaways

  • OpenAI has announced partnerships that aim to bring ChatGPT’s AI capabilities into the news consumption process.
  • The collaboration will enable ChatGPT users to receive succinct summaries and direct links to original news articles.
  • OpenAI faces several lawsuits, including alleged copyright infringement claims from the New York Times.

OpenAI has forged partnerships with prominent media outlets Le Monde and Prisa Media.

This collaboration, announced on March 13, aims to revolutionize how news content is consumed globally by integrating OpenAI’s ChatGPT technology with news agencies.

Strategic AI Partnerships

ChatGPT users will soon experience a new way to engage with news, gaining access to concise summaries and links to full articles from publishers including Le Monde, El Pais, Cinco Dias, and El Huffpost.

OpenAI plans to leverage the content from these media giants to enhance the AI’s learning.

Brad Lightcap, Chief Operating Officer at OpenAI, emphasized the company’s commitment to connecting users worldwide to news innovation:

“We’re dedicated to supporting journalism by applying new AI technologies and enhancing opportunities for content creators. In partnership with Le Monde and Prisa Media, our goal is to enable ChatGPT users around the world to connect with the news in new ways that are interactive and insightful.”

Le Monde’s CEO, Louis Dreyfus, echoed this sentiment, highlighting the partnership’s role in extending their reach and maintaining their pledge to deliver accurate and balanced journalism at scale.

Dreyfus also noted the importance of this alliance in preserving journalistic integrity in the AI era.

This collaboration aligns with OpenAI’s broader initiative, having previously joined forces with The Associated Press and Axel Springer in 2023.

Copyright Infringement Lawsuit

While OpenAI outlines the goal of these partnerships to empower industries, such as journalism, OpenAI is currently embroiled in a lawsuit that centers on allegations that OpenAI used articles from The New York Times to train their AI chatbots.

OpenAI contends that The New York Times orchestrated an elaborate scheme to expose vulnerabilities in its AI systems.

The company asserts that the newspaper employed someone to “hack” its products, employing deceptive prompts in an attempt to uncover flaws.

OpenAI describes these actions as a blatant violation of its terms of service, highlighting the unusual nature of the attempts to generate specific outcomes.

EU AI Regulations Approved

The recent partnership announcement coincides with the European Parliament’s approval of the world’s first comprehensive AI regulation.

These new rules aim to foster innovation while ensuring safety and transparency in AI applications, responding to the rapid evolution and global impact of AI technologies like ChatGPT.

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