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Best New Crypto Sports Betting Sites in 2023

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Some of you believe that new betting sites haven’t yet gained a reputation and are therefore not a wise choice. Well, this is not true most of the time. Most of these sites are owned by companies that have been in business for years.

This simply means that the new operators have the same reputation as the company behind them, making them a safe choice. They also come with certain benefits that you are going to love. I will cover these below.

Below, I will reveal all the main things punters need to know. This will include:

  • Why many players want to choose new crypto sports betting sites
  • How you can choose the best operator
  • Types of bets available to you 24/7
  • How you can understand betting odds
  • Most popular sports to bet on

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Kyle Simmons
Last Updated July 10, 2023 4:11 PM

Best New Crypto Sports Betting Sites in 2023

After testing over 50 different brands, our team has made a list of the top 5 new crypto sportsbooks that have the best features.

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    4.78 / 5

    Welcome Bonus

    No Bonus Available

    Crypto Accepted

    Bitcoin Ethereum Tether Binance Coin USD Coin 9


    4.30 / 5

    Crypto Accepted

    Bitcoin Ethereum Tether XRP Dogecoin 3

    0X Bet

    4.00 / 5

    Welcome Bonus

    30 Free Spins

    Crypto Accepted

    Bitcoin Ethereum Tether Binance Coin XRP 9


    3.99 / 5

    Crypto Accepted

    Bitcoin Ethereum Tether Binance Coin USD Coin 11

    Crypto Accepted

    Bitcoin Ethereum Tether Binance Coin XRP 6

    Reviews of the Top New Crypto Sports Betting Sites

    Make sure to catch a glimpse of these new crypto sports betting sites. They are fair, safe, and come with countless features that bettors adore.

    1. Jackbit

    4.78 / 5

    Introduced to the marketplace in 2022 by Ryker B.V, Jackbit is considered a trustworthy company by many players.
    With security features including SSL Encryption and a nice array of gambling options, this Curaçao-based site is well worth a visit.
    Once you register with Jackbit, you have the chance to use one of 14 currencies.
    This makes it likely that you’ll find the right payment option with cryptocurrencies now proving popular with many players.

    • Bitcoin
    • Ethereum
    • Tether 11
    • English
    • Russian
    • Spanish 5
    • Curaçao
    Casino products
    • Craps
    • Lotteries
    • Mines 16
    Number of casino games
    Support languages
    • English
    • French
    • Russian 1

    2. Vave

    4.30 / 5

    Vave is a highly-regarded brand launched in 2022 by TechOptions Group B.V.
    With its HQ in Curaçao, the site has security features such as SSL encryption and 2FA and a decent selection of gambling opportunities.
    If you register and play with Vave, you can use 8 currencies.
    As such, you should find a payment method that suits you, including crypto options that enable greater privacy.

    • Bitcoin
    • Ethereum
    • Tether 5
    • English
    • German
    • Russian 14
    • Curaçao
    Casino products
    • Craps
    • Lotteries
    • Mines 15
    Number of casino games
    Support languages
    • English
    • Russian
    • German 2

    3. 0X Bet

    4.00 / 5
    0X Bet

    0x Bet is a highly-regarded brand launched in 2022 by Casbit Group N.V.
    If you like plenty of gambling options and security features such as SSL encryption and 2FA, this Curaçao based site has you covered.
    Once you register with 0x Bet, you have the chance to use one of 13 currencies.
    Therefore, you’ll hopefully find the right payment method for your needs, with digital currencies among the options.

    • Bitcoin
    • Ethereum
    • Tether 11
    • English
    • Curaçao
    Casino products
    • Craps
    • Lotteries
    • Mines 12
    Number of casino games
    Support languages
    • English

    4. Weiss

    3.99 / 5

    Weiss is a brand with a solid reputation founded in 2022 by Taktonum Group N.V..
    Located in Curaçao, it has some neat security features, such as 2FA, SSL Encryption, and provides plenty of opportunities to gamble.
    If you register and play with Weiss, you can use 16 currencies.
    As such, you should find a payment method that suits you, including crypto options that enable greater privacy.

    • Bitcoin
    • Ethereum
    • Tether 13
    • English
    • Czech
    • German 11
    • Curaçao
    Casino products
    • Craps
    • Lotteries
    • Mines 13
    Number of casino games
    Support languages
    • English

    5. Dogsfortune Casino

    3.56 / 5
    Dogsfortune Casino

    According to some users, Dogsfortune Casino is a dependable site; it was founded in 2022 by Dogsfortune LTD.
    Located in Curaçao, it has some neat security features, such as SSL Encryption, and provides plenty of opportunities to gamble.
    Dogsfortune Casino enables you to use 11 currencies once you’ve registered and are ready to play.
    The available cryptocurrencies mean you could find a solid payment option if you want anonymity while playing.

    • Bitcoin
    • Ethereum
    • Tether 8
    • English
    • French
    • German 3
    • Curaçao
    Casino products
    • Craps
    • Lotteries
    • Mines 15
    Number of casino games
    Support languages
    • English

    Overview of the Best New Crypto Sports Betting Sites in 2023

    Casino Welcome Bonus Our Rating
    Jackbit  No Bonus Available 4.78
    Vave  Up to 1.5 BTC Welcome Package + 150 Free Spins 4.30
    0X Bet  30 Free Spins 4.00
    Weiss  Up to 200000 USDT Welcome Package + 140 Free Spins 3.99
    Dogsfortune Casino  Up to 2000 EUR Welcome Package 3.56

    New Crypto Sports Betting Sites

    Here’s Why So Many Bettors Opt For New Crypto Sportsbooks

    Many online sports bettors have recently decided to play at new Bitcoin sports betting sites. However, why choose a new site over a platform that has been available for years? On this page we'll investigate just why so many players are being attracted to new sports betting sites that accept crypto .

    With New Crypto Sportsbooks, Geo-Restrictions Are Not a Common Issue

    The new operators have to accept as many bettors as they can. In addition, companies that own these brands have learned that accepting players from all over the world is a clever idea.

    All of this means that players can easily create an account at the site, regardless of where they are located. Even using a VPN is possible, most of the time.

    On the other hand, some of these sites still don’t accept players who use VPNs. In order to avoid any complications or break the law, check the operator’s list of restricted countries. If your country is on the list, move to another brand.

    The sites here are all available in your country, which makes choosing the best one as easy as it gets.

    Blistering Fast Payments With Very High Limits on New Bitcoin Sportsbooks

    A new crypto sports betting site is more likely to offer extremely fast payments. However, the actual speed of the transaction will depend on the crypto network you are using. As you know, some cryptocurrencies are faster than others.

    In the best case scenario, you can get the funds to your e-wallet in under 10 minutes. Of course, this depends on the site as well. Almost all crypto betting operators will process withdrawals much faster than those using fiat currencies.

    Another thing I like is the high limit perk. These operators have much higher daily, weekly, and monthly limits on withdrawals than ‘’old’’ betting sites. Add the fact that some don’t even have withdrawal limits, and you can see the appeal.

    Your Crypto Balance Can Go Up in Value on New Crypto Sportsbooks

    It is obvious once you know how cryptocurrencies work. If you don’t, let me explain. Their price goes up and down each second. What this means is that once you have cryptocurrencies in your e-wallet and the value of that cryptocurrency goes up, your balance goes up as well.

    You can easily make more money just by keeping cryptocurrencies in your e-wallet. Sadly, however, the value can also go down.

    New Bitcoin Sportsbooks Give You Anonymous Betting With Superb Privacy

    These are actually two important reasons why so many people play at new betting platforms. First of all, when you use cryptocurrencies, you don’t share as much data as when using fiat currencies.

    The operators are optimized to require as little personal data as possible. For instance, on some sites, you can register with a phone number.

    Using cryptocurrencies means that you can remain anonymous. Also, there is no bank to control your transactions.

    The new operators are even more sophisticated when it comes to privacy and anonymity. The companies behind them have realized that this is extremely important for bettors, so they are offering this perk to us all.

    New Crypto Sportsbooks are Advanced and Modern

    It is quite obvious. These are new sites, and they are developed using state-of-the-art technologies. As a player, you will enjoy a superb user interface paired with easy-to-find and easy-to-use features.

    In addition, there are a lot of other features that old-school betting sites don’t have. For instance, new providers are completely mobile-friendly, hence you can place bets and use 99% of the features on your phone or tablet. All of this makes the user experience much better when you bet on tennis, basketball, or any other sport.

    Crypto is Simply Better Than Fiat

    Players who have used crypto for betting online once will continue using this option all the time. The benefits compared to fiat payment methods are too great. Besides, all you need is one e-wallet, and you can immediately join the fun. In addition, your winnings can increase in value when the price of the cryptocurrency goes up.

    Most people using crypto love the freedom it provides. They love the list of possibilities and options this payment method has. They also have the possibility to be part of an amazing betting industry that is growing at a lightning-fast rate right now.

    Bettors Do Not Need Permission From Anyone

    If you want to play at a new crypto sports betting site you simply don’t need permission. Your bank is irrelevant in this case. Even more important is the fact that you can play, and nobody will know you are betting online.

    This is the freedom I was talking about. As a bettor and crypto user, you have total control over your money and your betting. New betting sites understand that and offer you even more options to have fun than ‘’older’’ platforms.

    Betting at new Crypto Sportsbooks: Common Downsides

    There is no perfection in this world. Sadly, this refers to new betting platforms as well. There are some downsides you should be aware of before you start betting. I will always cover these points to help you get a complete idea behind betting at new sportsbooks.

    New Crypto Betting Sites Are Not Heavily Regulated

    In a nutshell, crypto gambling and betting are not heavily controlled. It is impossible to enforce heavy controls, rules, and requirements due to the way these operators work.

    New operators here are even less regulated, so companies owning them need more time to optimize the situation and make sure the platform is regulated.

    Keep in mind that many of these platforms still have Curacao licenses. On the other hand, their reputation tends to be related to the company they’re associated with, as I explained at the beginning.

    Reversing Transactions is Not Possible on New Betting Sites Accepting Crypto

    Cryptocurrencies are designed to be anonymous, extremely secure, and fast. What this means is that reversing a transaction is not possible.

    Once you have sent money, it is gone. Now add the fact that there is no bank to complain about, and you will see that reversing a transaction isn’t possible in this scenario.

    This is one of the reasons why every time you send crypto, you need to use a special key and use additional features that make accidental or sending money incorrectly as difficult as possible.

    You Must Learn How To Use Crypto First

    For some of you, cryptocurrency is still a new thing, despite the fact that the first one appeared in 2009. Just in case you’re unaware of this, the first cryptocurrency was Bitcoin.

    Users who want to play at new Bitcoin sports betting sites or use another cryptocurrency must learn how to use it first. Believe it or not, a bigger problem here is the fact some people believe using cryptocurrencies is too hard and don’t want to invest time in learning it.

    Let’s just say that all you need to do to learn about betting with crypto is to read this page. Once you are done, you will know how to choose the new site to bet at, how to deposit using any cryptocurrency, and how to bet.

    Volatility of Cryptocurrencies

    All cryptocurrencies come with volatility. Their value will go up and down all the time. In addition, some cryptocurrencies are more volatile than others.

    This can be a downside if the value of the cryptocurrency you have on your e-wallet goes down. On the other hand, it can go up, so you can make even more money.

    Some cryptocurrencies are known as stablecoins. Their price will be far more stable than other cryptocurrencies have. The best example is USDT, which has a value linked to USD. Binance USD is another cryptocurrency backed up with fiat currencies.

    It is Harder To Solve a Problem on New Bitcoin Sports Betting Sites

    New crypto sports betting sites may have customer support agents that are still learning how to work. Maybe the site is still being optimized for people from your country.

    For lack of a better word, this means that if you have a problem while betting, it will be harder to solve it. As some players have experienced, longer waiting times and more effort are needed.

    How To Choose A Perfect New Crypto Sports Betting Site In Under 5 Minutes

    You can check the list of the best new crypto sports betting sites and choose any one you like. But the site that is #1 for us could be #5 for you. That’s why you need to know which factors you can apply to all of the operators listed above and decide which one is most suitable for your particular betting style.

    Supported Cryptocurrencies and Payment Methods on New Bitcoin Betting Sites

    Many, if not all of the crypto bookmakers will support many, different cryptocurrencies and perhaps other payment methods. The first thing you should do is make sure that the cryptocurrency you want to use is supported.

    Try to play at sites that have a long list of supported payment methods. By using this tip you can continue to play at the same site, even if you want to use a different method in the future.

    Withdrawal Time and Applicable Limits on New Crypto Sportsbooks

    Payment methods, minimum deposit, and maximum withdrawal will always be listed on the ‘’payments’’ page on the site. All you should do is make sure that the site has a minimum deposit you are comfortable with and offer high or even no limit withdrawals.

    When it comes to deposits, all of them are instant these days. On the other hand, withdrawals are not. Make sure that the site offers withdrawal times that are as close as possible to the transaction speed of the cryptocurrency you want to use.

    Number of Markets Paired with Available Sports and E-sports on New Crypto Sportsbooks

    All of the sites our team tested offer a huge number of sports. But you need to check this section before playing at one. Once you are there, look at the sports available, events offered, sports markets that are implemented, and live betting options.

    The reason why is simple. You will be able to bet on one site for a long time due to the fact all the events you like are featured. In addition, you can look for a new crypto sports betting site that offers rarer betting options such as politics, wife carrying, cheese rolling and etc.

    Additional Betting/Gambling Features on New Bitcoin Sportsbooks

    Today you will want to bet on football only. Tomorrow, you may want to play casino games such as crypto Plinko, slots, or table games. Then you may want to bet on something completely different. The main point here is to find a Bitcoin betting site that offers all of that.

    To be certain that the operator is versatile, look at casino crypto slots, other casino games, e-sports, cybersports, and all the rest you find interesting.

    It is an easy thing that has a huge importance. All you have to do is to check the main categories of supported betting and gambling options at the top of the site.

    Are Players From Your Country Accepted?

    It is an extremely important factor to check this out. To get the answer, you will have to go to the terms and conditions page. Use CTRL + F and type ‘’restricted countries’’. If you see your country on the list, it means that players from your country are not accepted.

    Don’t try to bet on a site that doesn’t support players from your country. You will break the law and your winnings can be frozen or even confiscated.

    Luckily, I am talking about new sites. A huge number of them will automatically block access if you come from a country that is not accepted.

    Security Features and Possible Complaints

    There are three things you need to look at here. The first one is the use of SSL. It means Secure Sockets Layer, and the technology makes sure that the connection between your device and the site is encrypted.

    Secondly, look in the footer of the site. There you should see the name of the company that owns the site, where the company is registered, and available licenses. If there is no data here, you may want to move to another site.

    Feedback from players who played at that new site is extremely valuable. If you can find many negative reviews, you can deduce that the new site is problematic or doesn’t offer the best betting experience.

    Bonuses Given to New and Regular Players

    This is an extremely important factor to look for. Basically, you need to check the promotions page and see which bonuses and promotions are available to you as a new player or an existing user.

    Always look for free bets and welcome bonuses. The latter can refer to a bonus match, which is very common. For instance, if you deposit funds, you can get a 400% bonus match, which is actually common when playing with cryptocurrencies.

    In addition, you may want to check out the VIP Club, also known as VIP Program, for daily and weekly offers. Keep in mind that sites will have different bonuses for sports betting and casino sections. Even if you enjoy completely anonymous crypto betting, claim all the promotions you can. It is free money.

    Check wagering requirements. You can see these in bonus terms or on the terms and conditions page. They should be as low as possible, ideally around 30 times. Wagering requirements refer to the number of times you have to bet the bonus funds before you are eligible to withdraw the winnings.

    How Great Customer Service is?

    One secret you can use is to contact customer support before you even register at the site. This trick can help you see how professional customer support is. You can also see which methods are available and the hours during which you can contact the support team.

    Aim for live chat, available 24/7. You get the fastest method and the simplest one to use.

    Always Bet at End-To-End New Crypto Betting Sites

    End-to-end new crypto sports betting site refers to the operator that allows you to deposit cryptocurrency, place bets using the same cryptocurrency, and withdraw crypto. Basically, you will never use fiat currencies while betting.

    These kinds of sites are preferable. You don’t have to pay for conversion fees, and if the price of coins goes up, so will your balance.

    Placing The First Bet At New Crypto Sports Betting Site: All The Steps Explained

    Now that you know all the basics, the time is right to learn about the steps you need to take in order to bet at new crypto sites. There are a few simple steps you need to complete, and you can place your bet in under 20 minutes.

    Choose the Site First

    Take a look at the top 10 sites above and use the factors I have explained to you. This will help you choose the best site for you and your special betting experience.

    Create the Account There

    Use the link and go to the site. Click the register or sign-up button and create the account there. You will need to enter details such as your email address, your name, create a password, etc.

    Get Crypto

    Go to Binance. There, you will exchange fiat currency for the cryptocurrency you like. This process is immediate, and you will have cryptocurrency on your account. If a sports betting site supports Binance Pay you can deposit using this method directly and skip the next one.

    Move it to Your E-wallet

    Create an account for an online e-wallet that can hold the cryptocurrency you want to use. Hosted e-wallets can be easier to use, and they act as a middleman. Non-custodial e-wallets allow you to have complete control over your coins, but they are a bit more complicated to use.

    Go to the Deposit Section of The Site

    Now you will have to go to the deposit or cashier section at the new site where you created an account earlier. Make sure you choose the cryptocurrency you want to use and copy the code the site will display to you.

    Go to Your E-wallet

    Once you are on your e-wallet page, click "Send" and paste the address you got from the betting site. Enter the amount you want to deposit and confirm.

    Claim Bonuses

    Within seconds, the funds will be available in your account. Now is a good time to claim the bonus that the site has offered. If the site offers a no deposit bonus, you can claim it before depositing the funds.

    Place a Bet

    With the coins and the bonus, you can start betting. Just pick a sport you like and place a bet you want.

    Here’s Why Our Reviews Process Takes 7 Days

    There are many people who will check the homepage of the new betting site and review it. We are doing things differently. Basically, we will play at the betting site in the same way as you but look much deeper. Once this is done, we can review the operator. In general, our team performs these steps.

    Find The New Site

    The first thing is to find new crypto sports betting sites that look appealing. Sometimes our team will start with over 100 different brands. Only 10 will be on the list!

    Create a New Account

    Testers will then create accounts at the sites using real information. They will also check what data is needed and how fast this process is. In addition, they also look for any mandatory verification (KYC or know your customer) at this stage.

    Deposit Funds

    Once this is done, testers will deposit real cryptocurrencies. The goal here is to confirm that deposits are instant and also the minimum/maximum deposit amounts.

    Place Bets on Various Sports

    The best part of the actual testing is this one. They will bet on various sports and try different games while checking the odds.

    Contact Customer Support

    Now they will contact customer support. The goal here is to see which methods are available, how fast agents will respond, and whether they are helpful or not.

    Withdraw The Winnings

    When this is done, it is time to withdraw the winnings. During this stage, withdrawal limits and withdrawal times will be checked.

    Check for Feedback from Other Players

    The last thing is to check the feedback from other players. We never want to feature a new crypto sports betting site that has countless complaints from players.

    Types Of Bets You Can Enjoy At New Crypto Sportsbooks

    Placing a bet on the team that would win was a thing many years ago. Today, players can place numerous bets at betting sites. Add the fact that new sites are even more versatile, and you can imagine the potential. Below, I will reveal the most common types of bets available.

    • Moneyline

    These bets are the simplest of them all. You will bet on which team or athlete will win the event. The odds will vary due to the fact matches are not always even. In addition, this is the perfect bet for newbies and the most common in general.

    • Spreads

    Because these bets will even the playing fields they are a more complex type of sports bet. It is actually a part of point spread betting and here we can see that the underdog will get certain points. If you see something like +10 next to the name of the team, it means that you are betting on that team to lose by 10 points or more.

    • Futures

    As you may assume, this type of bet allows you to guess what will happen in the future. You can place a bet on which team will win the championship or a tournament.

    • Props

    Props refer to proposition bets. Here, you won't bet on the team to win or lose but on one particular element of the game. For example, you can bet that a specific player will score a goal or hit a home run.

    • Parlays

    Parlays are more complicated bets and they are not ideal for newbies. Here, you will bet on multiple events. Yes, you can get great winnings, but the odds for that are lower.

    • Live Bet

    A live bet allows players to bet on an event that has already started. Imagine placing a bet on Formula 1 during the 10th lap. For some users, this is great because they have more details to use in order to form a perfect bet.

    • Over/Under

    Over or under betting is a common type of bet. If the two teams, for instance, Liverpool and Manchester United, have a point total of 5 you can place them under or over. On the other hand, the total point score in the event is 4 the under bet is the winning one. Finally, if the outcome was 6 then the over bet is a winning one.

    • Points Betting

    This type of bet allows you to bet on the points that will distinguish between winning and losing teams. You get money for each point, making this bet very appealing.

    Explaining Betting Odds At New Crypto Sports Betting Sites

    If you want to bet, the first thing you have to do is to learn all about the betting odds. This is the main element of sports betting and it can help you place careful and more calculated bets. Besides, learning all about betting odds can be fun. These are not the same as when playing crypto slots but there are some similarities.

    What Are Betting Odds and How Are Calculated?

    Betting odds are compiled by sports betting sites and refer to the likelihood of an event happening in a particular way. The best example is when you see something like +150 next to the team. It means that if you bet $100 and win, you will win $150. The same things apply when using cryptocurrencies.

    Main Types of Betting Odds

    There are different ways a site can display betting odds. You can see that one type is British or fractional. The odds are expressed with / or -. An example would be 5/1 or 5-1. It simply means that if you bet $1, you will win $5.

    Decimal or European betting odds are simpler for some players. An example would be Liverpool 4.00. if you bet $100, you will win $400 (100*4=400).

    American odds are available as well. You can see + or – next to the number. The – symbol refers to the amount you will need to bet in order to win $100. If the + symbol is present, it refers to how much you will win if you bet $100.

    Payout And Effect on The Odds

    The payout represents the total amount of money you can get. We already know that the odds represent how much you can win depending on the bet. The payout is calculated when the amount you have invested is added to the amount you have won.

    Available Odds Calculators

    As a player, you can calculate the odds by yourself. This is a complicated thing though. Instead, you should use an odds calculator. Basically, these are websites that will show you odds for a specific event based on probability and odds ratio or OR.

    Best Exchange Platform to Get Cryptocurrencies to Bet Online

    Maybe you want to use Ethereum for betting or Bitcoin, or some other cryptocurrency. But first, you will need to get that cryptocurrency. To do that, you will use an exchange website.

    These platforms allow you to exchange fiat currencies for cryptocurrencies, hence the name. In addition, you can exchange one cryptocurrency for another. The best one would be Binance. It offers extremely low fees, and it doesn’t apply penalties to users who will use it for betting or gambling.

    Some of the new crypto sports betting sites will also have Binance Pay, meaning you can directly deposit funds from the exchange platform to the betting site.

    Pros and Cons Of Betting Using Crypto At New Providers

    Cryptocurrencies are virtual funds or virtual money that can be used for the same things as fiat currencies. But, with crypto, there is no single bank, country, or person who controls and checks transactions. All of that means that this is a decentralized system.

    All the transactions are secure, and they are verified by the blockchain technology and not an institution. You can use these for buying things, making payments, and making investments. But you can use them for betting online. The latter comes with certain pros and cons.

    Betting At New Sportsbooks Using Crypto: Pros

    • These operators support many different cryptocurrencies
    • Much better bonuses are given to players
    • Modern user interface and modern apps
    • Players get the latest security technologies
    • Many are still owned by reputable companies
    • The latest features and options in the betting industry are implemented already

    Betting At New Sportsbooks Using Crypto: Cons

    • Some sites don’t have a well-known reputation
    • There is not enough feedback from previous users
    • Volatility of the cryptocurrencies is still the issue

    Important Betting Strategies You Will Want to Implement and Follow

    If you bet at new Bitcoin sports betting sites or use some other cryptocurrency, you will want to apply these tips. The goal is to bet as much as you can and decrease the odds of losing too much money. On the contrary, these tips can help you win more. Even gamblers can use them at crypto casinos.

    • Place small and low-risk bets

    Ideally, you would place small and low-risk bets. For instance, it is much better for a beginner to place moneyline bets than bet on parlays that are far more complex. As such, you can have more entertainment without too much risk.

    • Bet on the sports you completely understand

    It is wise to bet on sports you like, have experience with, and are a fan of. This simply means that you will decrease your odds of making a mistake and losing your bet. Luckily, there are a lot of sports events you are probably experts at.

    • Always do a lot of research

    Before you place a bet, do your research. Check the history of the teams, possible changes in those teams, and all the rest you can find. Once again, this will help you place a bet that has better odds of winning you money.

    • Claim all the bonuses you can

    A crypto sportsbook and a crypto casino will always have a promotion or offer you can claim. This is free money you can use to place more bets. The more bets you place, the more chances you have to win. For example, a welcome bonus can be given in the form of free bets that can win real money.

    Always Bet Responsibly by Using These Tips

    It is crucial to bet responsibly. The goal of this is to help you avoid serious issues, such as gambling addiction. Regardless of whether you are using Dogecoin, Polygon, Dash, or some other cryptocurrency, always use these tips.

    Never Chase Your Losses

    There are plenty of players who have chased losses. All of them lost more. If you chase the loss, you will probably place more bets, don’t worry about the odds, and usually lose. Each bet you place should be carefully calculated and chosen. The same thing applies if you play poker, baccarat, or any other game.

    Use Bankroll Management

    Bankroll management means that you will maximize the amount of money you can invest in betting. Lots of smaller bets are always better than one huge bet (unless you are 99% positive that the huge bet is the winning one).

    Bet Amount You Can Afford to Lose

    For some, thousands of bets are not a big deal. For others, even investing a small amount can be a huge deal. The goal is to invest money you can afford to lose, an amount that won’t jeopardize your financial stability.

    Stay Objective

    Newcomers should stay as objective as possible. Just because you love the team playing, doesn’t mean you should always bet on that team. You should bet on the team that has better odds. If you drink or are under the influence of a controlled substance, this tip is impossible to follow. As such, never bet on sports betting markets without a clear head.

    Most Popular Sports You Can Bet on At New Crypto Sportsbooks

    If you visit any of the new crypto sports betting sites you will see a large selection of sports available. A nice addition here is the fact even if you use crypto betting apps you can still place bets on all of these sports. However, some sports are more popular than others.

    • Soccer

    Soccer, or football, is one of the most popular sports for online bettors. In this case, all betting sites have events from various countries like Spain, Argentina, Brazil, the United Kingdom, France, Italy, the US, Germany, and more. Some sites have over 1,000 events in this section. Add the related leagues, championships, and you get a lot of sports markets to bet on.

    • American football

    When it comes to American football, you can see options such as the NFL, NCAAF, USFL, and more. This sport is especially popular in the United States, where over 68% of the population bet on it.

    • NBA

    NBA has a huge role when it comes to betting on basketball. There are over 400 million basketball fans all over the world, and a big part of them loves to bet on the NBA.

    • MLB

    MLB is also part of basketball. It stands for Major League Baseball, and it is another major league present in Canada and the United States. It has 29 teams in the US and 1 in Canada.

    • Tennis

    Tennis is actually the second most popular option for bettors online. Here you can bet on tournament winners, match winners, handicapping, and many other forms. ATP, ITF, and WTA ivariations,iations are all common choices.

    • Horse racing

    Many new Bitcoin sports betting sites offer you the ability to bet on horses. The simplest type is which horse will win. But you can also bet on the top 3 horses or place some other bet type. Here we can see popular markets from the UK and Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, North America, South America, and International championships.

    • Formula 1

    Formula 1 is another popular sport. An interesting fact is that you can bet on drivers’ championships and constructors' championships. The latter refers to which team will win the title in the current season.

    • Ice Hockey

    The most popular markets in this category are NHL, AHL, and IIHF World Championship. A common bet here is the puck line where you will bet if the points of the winning team will be 2 or 3 times above the losing team.

    • MMA

    MMA stands for Mixed martial arts and it is one of the sports that has been rising in popularity for a long time. A common and popular championship here is UFC, but you can also bet on Road to UFC and UFC Fight Night.

    • eSports

    eSports are very popular today. Here you will bet on the team or a player who will play a video game. The most popular games are CS: GO, Starcraft, League of Legends or LOL, DOTA2, Rocket League, and e-soccer.

    • Virtual sports

    Virtual sports are not the same as e-sports. These are virtual variations of sports such as soccer, cricket, boxing, rugby, horse racing, golf, greyhound and etc. At the same time, we can see that these are major sports markets here.

    There are many other sports you can bet on. Some honorable mentions are snooker, darts, table tennis, volleyball, NASCAR, and a range of others.


    I assume now you are ready to go back to the beginning and choose the best new crypto sports betting site that will make you happy. All of the sites here were properly tested and they offer a fair betting experience. Even if you are a beginner, the points here should help you learn how to start betting as quickly as possible. In case you want to know more, here are answers to the most common questions.


    1. Are new crypto sports betting sites safe to play at?

    Yes, they are. If a site comes with a license and it is owned by a reputable brand, it is a fair platform to bet on. You will have a pleasant gambling experience using devices such as computers, smartphones, and tablets.

    2. What is the minimum and maximum amount of money I can bet?

    This will depend on the site where you want to bet. Some have very small limits, while others have extremely high limits. Check the terms and conditions before you start betting.

    3. Are bonuses available at new cryptocurrency sports betting sites?

    Yes, they are available. Almost all of them offer bonuses on crypto deposits, daily offers, and additional promotions. Crypto bonuses are always higher than fiat bonuses, which is a huge advantage.

    4. How I can tell if the new site is legitimate?

    Take a look at the footer of the betting site or casino. Customers should see licensing details, the name of the company that owns the operators, and where it is registered. This applies to all gambling sites in general.

    5. What benefits do players get when betting at new sites using crypto?

    Players get better promotions they can use for sports betting, blackjack, roulette, dice games, and more. Users also enjoy impressive anonymity and privacy. Don’t forget that you also get faster transactions and no limits.

    6. What are the main types of bets I can bet at new betting sites using crypto?

    At almost all new crypto sports betting sites, you can place moneyline bets, over/under, parlays, futures, and many other types of bets. Live bets are available as well, allowing you to bet on an event that has already started.

    New Crypto Sports Betting Sites

    Rundown of the Best New Crypto Sports Betting Sites in 2023

    1. Jackbit 
    2. Vave 
    3. 0X Bet 
    4. Weiss 
    5. Dogsfortune Casino 
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