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Prince Harry Never Wanted to Move to Canada With Meghan Markle

Last Updated March 4, 2021 2:41 PM
Aaron Weaver
Last Updated March 4, 2021 2:41 PM
  • Prince Harry reportedly “snapped” before making the move to Canada.
  • He allegedly wanted to escape the negativity in England.
  • With Meghan Markle pushing a move closer to Hollywood, things might not get any better.

The Prince Harry – Meghan Markle saga continues. According to a friend of the two, Prince Harry “snapped” right before moving to Canada.

Prince Harry
Prince Harry might snap again soon. | Source: Twitter 

An insider told US Weekly: 

When it became clear Meghan was never going to get a fair shake, Harry snapped. He’s adamant that it was his call to move to Canada.

It sounds like Prince Harry never actually wanted to move to Canada. He did for Meghan. Unfortunately, he could be heading directly into another trap.

Prince Harry Needs to Escape the Negativity

According to another insider, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were looking to escape the negativity swirling around in England.

[Harry] wants to shield his son from the negativity and tension he would’ve been exposed to back in England. He knows what it’s like to grow up in the spotlight, and he wants to give Archie the most normal upbringing possible.

It makes sense. Their every move was covered and scrutinized while living in the U.K. While it’s impossible to expect their son Archie to have a “normal” upbringing, they could come much closer to that goal in Canada.

According to statista.com,  England has nearly 100 times the population density of Canada. London alone has a fourth of Canada’s entire population. Tabloids are nearly non-existent in Canada. It’d be much easier for these two to maintain anonymity in the Great White North.

The only problem is, it doesn’t look like they want to stay there for very long.

Meghan Markle Never Wanted to Stay in Canada

While Harry may have wanted to escape the poisonous culture in the U.K., it appears as though his wife sought a move for entirely different reasons.

After she convinced her husband to leave his royal family for the sake of the ‘brand,’ she’s been looking to leave Canada to get closer to the spotlight.

Meghan Markle
These are uncertain times indeed. | Source: Twitter 

The couple was already scoping out mansions in Malibu before Donald Trump and the coronavirus halted their plans. It doesn’t matter. As soon as the world recovers, they will move forward with the plan.

Meghan Markle is on a mission to achieve the Hollywood fame that has eluded her up to this point. Sure, she’s gotten plenty of attention because of her husband, but she started off as an actress and she’s still looking for that Hollywood validation.

“Simply” Harry wanted to leave England to escape the toxic culture. Let’s hope he didn’t walk right into another one.

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