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Meghan Markle Is Going to Ditch Prince Harry – and Here’s Why

Last Updated March 4, 2021 2:45 PM
Aubrey Hansen
Last Updated March 4, 2021 2:45 PM
  • It’s clear from various reports that Prince Harry isn’t happy in L.A. Sussex squad fans can deny it, but we know it’s true.
  • Prince Harry has a history of mental health troubles, and he needs a wife that will take those into account and be there when needed.
  • Is Meghan Markle that woman? Will she put her career ambitions aside for her husband?

I know the Sussex squad and other Meghan Markle fans are probably simmering with rage already, but hear me out before you bombard my inbox with threats and abuse.

Prince Harry has never been ashamed of coming forward with his mental health issues stemming from the tragic death of his mother, Princess Diana.

In fact, for many years, and long before Meghan Markle ditched her boyfriend to give Prince harry her phone number, Prince William had shown concern for his brother’s mental state.

He had urged Prince Harry to get help. William, as we all know, is a strong advocate of mental health treatment and has been volunteering anonymously  to help those suffering from mental health issues.

By taking Prince Harry to L.A., Meghan Markle is rolling the dice with Harry’s issues

Royal expert Phil Dampier commented to New Idea  that William had concerns that Meghan Markle would try to remove Prince Harry from his family, saying:

William was concerned that the relationship could suffer because they lived on other sides of the Atlantic, and again he has been proved correct as Harry and Meghan have now emigrated.

And while dragging Prince Harry to the U.S. is undoubtedly beneficial to Meghan’s ambitions as a Hollywood star, it could cause issues to their relationship.

Will Meghan be willing and able to deal with any demands Harry places on her?

Also speaking to New Idea,  Anna Pasternak, who is the author of the highly controversial Tatler article that has caused Duchess Kate Middleton so much anguish, commented:

I think [Meghan] has her own agenda as a modern woman and wants her own life, and I’m not sure she’s going to be diligent enough to the new set of emotional demands that Harry will have.

This raises a fascinating point.

I imagined that everything would be plain-sailing to an extent during the lockdown, as life in L.A. would be calmer and would allow Prince Harry to find his feet in his new surroundings. Now that life is slowly returning to normal, it seems the pressure is ramping up on the Hollywood royals.

The Hollywood Royals haven’t had their troubles to seek. | Source: Twitter 

Will Meghan place her career success ahead of the health of her husband?

Phil Dampier addressed Meghan Markle and her desire to leave the U.K. for the fame and money of Hollywood:

She was determined to go back. She wanted to be in Hollywood. And what Meghan wants Meghan gets. Her concern isn’t the royal family. It’s actually her celebrity. And those two things don’t mix.

Meghan’s concern isn’t the royal family, but is her concern Prince Harry’s mental stability? It looks to all but the most blinkered Meghan Markle fangirls that Harry is slowly unraveling in the U.S.

There’s already been talk of a potential move to Australia, with suggestions that Prince Harry seriously wants out of L.A.

Is a last shot at Hollywood fame worth risking family?

Will Meghan Markle be willing to place her husband, and the father of her child, in danger of suffering further mental health issues as she pursues her last shot at Hollywood fame?

Confidence has never been an issue for Malibu Meg. | Source: Twitter 

Once things return to normal and the movers and shakers in the industry are back out on the social scene, will Meghan be happy to leave Harry behind while she makes sure she’s at the right parties and events?

We know that if Prince Harry forces a move that doesn’t sit well with Meghan, the knives will be out for the Prince. Meghan’s fans will turn on him quickly. Before long, he’ll have gone from a noble Prince Charming who walked away from his evil, racist family for true love, to just another victim in the scrapheap of Meghan Markle stepping stones.

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