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IRS Fugitive John McAfee Wants You to Stop Sending Him Bitcoin

Last Updated March 4, 2021 2:44 PM
David Hundeyin
Last Updated March 4, 2021 2:44 PM

By CCN.com: The crazy world of John McAfee has become just a little bit stranger, with the one-time cryptocurrency promoter and all-round interesting guy issuing a plea to his Twitter followers to stop sending bitcoin to his wallet.

Tweeting yesterday, McAfee posted the front and back photos of a bitcoin credit card that he allegedly used to buy a drink at a bar. Speaking with his tongue clearly in his cheek, he challenged any doubting Thomases to send bitcoin to the test wallet address on the back of the card, perhaps forgetting the type of audience he was talking to.

Crypto Audiences Are Different, John

Normally, the thought of sending even minuscule amounts of money to strangers on the internet for the most frivolous reasons does not generally sit well with most people. If McAfee were to have made a similarly jokey remark with a request for PayPal dollar transfers for example, there is every possibility that no one would have humored him. As everyone familiar with the world of crypto knows however, things work a bit differently around here.

Almost inevitably, within three hours of the initial tweet, McAfee had to tweet a follow-up message pleading with this followers to stop sending bitcoin to the address, lest he get into further trouble with the SEC.

By the time he sent out the plea, he had already received 0.001851 BTC, or about $10.55, which is hardly enough to get the regulator’s attention. As someone who has been extensively investigated and monitored by the SEC over his somewhat shady ICO promotion activities, however , McAfee no doubt understands that even the slightest misstep can result in criminal charges and potential prison time, hence his somewhat hilarious panic at the bitcoin receipts.

John McAfee has publicly admitted to not filing a tax return in 8 years.

Crypto Still Needs Mcafee

While there is a school of thought that believes that crypto would be better poised for effective regulation and large scale adoption without the whiff of scandal surrounding characters like John McAfee, the response to his tweet shows that he still enjoys a significant following, and he could yet play a part in helping the mainstreaming of crypto. When he is not issuing bombastic bitcoin price predictions or announcing plans to run for U.S. president in 2020 from international waters, McAfee is actually still a relative old head who commands a measure of respect in addition to a large social media following.

In the meantime, maybe he should stop putting out challenges like this to the crypto community. We still need you John!