Would William & Harry Be Feuding If Princess Diana Were Still Alive?

The world lost Princess Diana 23 years ago today. And, according to her bodyguard, William & Harry wouldn’t be fighting if she were alive.
Princess Diana
Prince William and Prince Harry could use some motherly advice right about now. | Source: REUTERS/Dylan Martinez DM/CMC
  • The world lost Princess Diana on this day in 1997.
  • Her bodyguard has come forward to share his thoughts on her sons’ rift.
  • According to him, William and Harry wouldn’t be fighting today if she were still alive.

On August 31, 1997, Princess Diana lost her life after a deadly paparazzi chase that culminated in a Paris tunnel.

And as tributes pour in from all over the world, her former bodyguard has come forward to share his thoughts about her sons’ rift.

According to him, Princes William and Harry wouldn’t be at loggerheads if their mother were still alive today.

Princess Di
Prince Harry reflects on his mother’s influence. | Source: Twitter

Princess Diana Would Not Want Her Boys Fighting

Ken Wharfe, who was Princess Diana’s bodyguard until 1993, said that the late Lady Di wouldn’t be happy seeing her two sons at odds with one another if she were alive today.

She had tremendous influence over them both, and I simply don’t think they would have fallen out like this had Diana been around because she wouldn’t have allowed it to escalate. She’d have quickly instigated a resolution.

Wharfe went on to say that things wouldn’t have gotten so bad between Meghan Markle & the rest of the British royal family if Diana were around, because she wouldn’t have allowed it to reach such a critical point.

As much as we all hate to admit it, Wharfe is correct. The video below explains the truth behind William and Harry’s feud.

William & Harry Need To Get It Together

As much as folks may want to blame everyone — from Meghan Markle to the Queen’s corgis — for things going south with the Windsor boys, William and Harry are adults, and only have themselves to blame for this mess.

Of all people, they know how much Princess Diana not only meant to the world, but to them as members of the British royal family and — most importantly — as her sons.

At this point, the two brothers need to put aside their differences and work it out. It’s what their mother would have wanted.

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