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October 16, 2018 10:25 PM UTC

HTC’s Blockchain Phone ‘Exodus’ Will Launch Next Week: Report

Taiwanese smartphone manufacturer HTC will finally launch its blockchain powered smartphone Exodus in a week.

The company shared details of the launch on its Instagram page (now deleted) via a teaser video. As expected, the video didn’t reveal much on the features to be expected from Exodus, but it revealed the suggestive numbers “10.22,” meaning the product would debut on Oct. 22 — next Monday.

Exodus is a brainchild of HTC Vive creator Phil Chen, who said the device will target a niche audience and could be priced as high as $1,000, which is similar to the price of Sirin Labs’ Finney—known as the world’s first blockchain powered smartphone. CMO of Sirin Labs had spoken with CCN in April, where he said the SIRIN OS would create a streamlined and secure user experience for “both cryptocurrency and blockchain so that anyone can pick up a device and function within the world of crypto without needing to learn any additional information.”

As with the Finney phone, users should expect Exodus to focus on security. The blockchain powered phone should come with a cold storage locker for storing major cryptocurrencies offline. The phone is also expected to run Android OS.

As CCN reported earlier this year, the Exodus will provide support for the publishing of decentralized applications (DApps) and it’s expected to serve as a launchpad for HTC’s native blockchain network. Crypto traders will be particularly pleased with the applications as it will come with a cold storage wallet that supports the major digital assets, including Bitcoin and Ethereum.

“We would like to support the entire blockchain ecosystem, and in the next few months, we’ll be announcing many more exciting partnerships together. Together, we want to craft the best blockchain & decentralized application experiences to end consumers,” Chen had stated at the time in the announcement.

Last week, crypto startup Pundi X claimed to have made the ‘first blockchain phone call’ on the startup’s XPhone, as per a company blog post. The XPhone is built on PundiX’s new Function X blockchain, created to solve the plethora of issues faced by traditional blockchain networks. According to the announcement, the Function X will serve as a public chain, among other things, with the sole purpose of decentralizing all “apps, website, communications and data.”

“Users will be able to share data in much the same way as they do online securely via the blockchain, while developers can quickly and easily publish decentralized applications via FXTP,” the post concluded.

Featured image from HTC Exodus.

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