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How To Buy Bitcoin With Paypal: A Step-By-Step Guide

Andrew Kamsky
Last Updated July 25, 2023 4:36 PM

Key Takeaways

  • Buying Bitcoin with PayPal involves several methods, such as using P2P platforms, exchanges, services, or debit cards.

  • PayPal offers advantages for purchasing Bitcoin, including convenience, accessibility, and the use of existing funds.

  • Limitations when buying Bitcoin with PayPal can vary based on country and the terms of PayPal’s service.

  • Popular platforms that support buying Bitcoin with PayPal include Binance P2P, eToro, Coinbase, BitPay, Paxful, Coinbase, BlockCard, and Wirex.

Bitcoin (BTC) has gained significant popularity over the last decade due to its price appreciation and secure and efficient method of conducting financial transactions. As a result, many individuals are interested in buying Bitcoin and may do this using PayPal , a widely used online payment platform.

Buying Bitcoin with PayPal offers several advantages such as convenience, accessibility, and the ability to use existing funds in a PayPal balance.

To buy Bitcoin using PayPal, one may follow these steps:

  1. Open the PayPal app or access your PayPal account on a desktop or a mobile device.

  2. Navigate to the “Crypto” section within the app or dashboard.

  3. Select “Bitcoin” or the desired cryptocurrency from the available options.

  4. Click on the “Buy” button.

  5. Enter the desired amount of Bitcoin you want to purchase.

  6. Verify your identity as prompted by PayPal’s verification process.

  7. Select your preferred payment method  (e.g., PayPal balance, linked bank account, or credit/debit card).

  8. Review and confirm the purchase.

  9. Complete the transaction using the funds available in your PayPal balance.

It’s important to note that the availability and functionality of buying Bitcoin with PayPal may vary based on your country and PayPal’s terms and conditions so it is recommended to review the specific details provided by PayPal.

Method 1: Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Platforms

PayPal enables users to send money to other users by linking bank accounts, credit cards, or PayPal balances, with PayPal acting as an intermediary to facilitate the transfer and manage the funds within the system. Recipients can choose to keep the funds in their PayPal account or transfer them to a linked bank account.

A Peer-to-peer (P2P) platform is somewhat different, as they eliminate the need for intermediaries like traditional exchanges and provide a decentralized and anonymous way to buy and sell Bitcoin. They do this by offering a wide range of payment methods. Notable P2P platforms include LocalCoinSwap, Paxful, Hodl Hodl, Bisq.

Using P2P platforms for Bitcoin purchases offers certain benefits. They allow direct transactions between buyers and sellers, reducing reliance on centralized exchanges. P2P platforms often provide a wide variety of payment methods, offering convenience and flexibility to users at lower fees, compared to traditional exchanges. However, they may hold risks like potential scams or fraudulent activities.

There are several P2P platforms that support transactions for Bitcoin purchases. Binance P2P is a widely used platform that enables users to buy and sell cryptocurrencies directly with other users while providing an easier user interface and user safeguards.

Some benefits when adopting a P2P approach to buy Bitcoin include:

  • Direct Transactions: P2P platforms enable direct transactions between buyers and sellers, eliminating the need for intermediaries.

  • Payment Method Variety: P2P platforms offer a wide range of payment methods, providing convenience and flexibility to users.

  • Lower Fees: P2P platforms usually have lower fees compared to traditional exchanges, making it more cost-effective for users.

Some drawbacks when buying Bitcoin using a P2P include:

  • Risk of scams and fraud: P2P platforms carry the risk of potential scams or fraudulent activities, requiring users to exercise caution.

  • Lack of regulatory oversight: P2P platforms may have less regulatory oversight compared to traditional exchanges, which could affect user protections.

  • Limited user base: P2P platforms may have a smaller user base compared to centralized exchanges, potentially reducing liquidity and available offers.

Method 2: Cryptocurrency Exchanges: How Do I Buy Bitcoins With Paypal On Coinbase And Other Exchanges?

Some notable exchanges that enable PayPal integration include Binance, and Coinbase.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to use these exchanges and brokers to buy Bitcoin with PayPal:


  1. Sign up for a Binance  account and complete the verification process.

  2. Deposit funds into your Binance account using PayPal.

  3. Go to the Binance trading page to purchase Bitcoin.

  4. Choose the amount of Bitcoin you want to buy and select PayPal as the payment method.

  5. Confirm the order and complete the purchase using PayPal.


  1. Sign up for an account on the eToro  platform and complete the verification process.

  2. Link your PayPal account to your eToro account.

  3. Deposit funds into your eToro account using PayPal.

  4. Search for Bitcoin on the eToro platform.

  5. Enter the amount of Bitcoin you want to buy and confirm the purchase.


  1. Create an account on Coinbase  and complete the verification process.

  2. Link your PayPal account to your Coinbase account.

  3. Deposit funds into your Coinbase account using PayPal.

  4. Navigate to the Buy/Sell page on Coinbase.

  5. Select Bitcoin as the cryptocurrency you want to buy.

  6. Enter the amount of Bitcoin you want to purchase and confirm the transaction.

It’s important to note that fees, limitations, and verification requirements will vary depending on the exchange and your location or jurisdiction. eToro and Coinbase, for example, may charge transaction fees and require users to go through a verification process called Know-Your-Client (KYC) process.

Some benefits when using exchanges to purchase Bitcoin include:

  • Wide exchange selection: Notable exchanges like Binance, eToro, and Coinbase offer PayPal integration, expanding payment options for users.

  • Established platforms: These exchanges are well-known and trusted in the cryptocurrency industry, providing a reliable and secure environment for buying Bitcoin.

  • Convenient funding: By linking PayPal accounts, users can easily deposit funds into their exchange accounts and make Bitcoin purchases with PayPal balances.

Some drawbacks when using exchanges to purchase Bitcoin include:

  • Potential fees: Cryptocurrency exchanges may charge transaction fees, impacting the overall cost of purchasing Bitcoin.

  • Verification requirements: Exchanges like eToro and Coinbase often require users to go through a verification process, adding an extra step before making a purchase.

  • Limited availability: The availability of buying Bitcoin with PayPal may vary based on location or jurisdiction, restricting access for certain users.

Method 3: Third-Party Payment Services

When it comes to buying Bitcoin with PayPal, there are several third-party payment services that act as intermediaries and offer PayPal integration for Bitcoin purchases. Notable payment services in this regard include:

  • BitPay: A popular cryptocurrency payment gateway that enables users to buy Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies with PayPal.

  • Bitstamp: Create a Bitstamp account, verify your identity, deposit funds from PayPal, and purchase Bitcoin.

  • OKX: Purchase Bitcoin conveniently with PayPal, utilizing existing funds and accessibility.

Using third-party payment services to buy Bitcoin with PayPal has certain benefits and drawbacks.

Some of the benefits include:

  • Convenience: These services make it easier for users to buy Bitcoin with PayPal.

  • More payment options: By integrating PayPal, these services expand the payment options available to users.

  • Enhanced security: Reputable payment services employ security measures to protect user information and funds, providing an added layer of security during transactions.

Some drawbacks to consider:

  • Fees: Third-party payment services may charge fees for their services, including transaction fees and exchange fees. Review the fee structure of each service before making a purchase.

  • Processing times: The processing times for Bitcoin purchases through third-party payment services can vary. Some transactions may be processed quickly, while others may take longer.

  • Lack of control: When using third-party services users have limited control over their Bitcoin holdings. They do not have direct access to the private keys which means users may not have full control over their funds.

Method 4: Bitcoin Debit Cards

Bitcoin debit cards provide users a convenient way to load funds from PayPal and use them to purchase Bitcoin. Instead of exchanging Bitcoin into local currencies, users preload their debit cards with a set amount of cryptocurrency, which is then automatically converted at the time of purchase. This allows individuals to spend their Bitcoin online or in-person to merchants that may not accept cryptocurrencies directly.

Several prominent Bitcoin debit card providers offer integration with PayPal. Here are some of them:

  • Coinbase card: Coinbase offers a Bitcoin debit card that supports multiple cryptocurrencies and provides robust security features.

  • BlockCard: BlockCard is a popular Bitcoin debit card provider that offers low fees and cashback rewards. It supports multiple cryptocurrencies and provides a user-friendly mobile app.

  • Wirex: Wirex is known for its cardholder perks and offers a Bitcoin debit card with additional features like cashback. It supports multiple cryptocurrencies and provides a seamless PayPal integration.

  • Bitpay: Offers debit cards that allow users to conveniently spend their Bitcoin at merchants who may not accept cryptocurrencies directly.

  • Crypto.com: Provides debit cards that enable users to load funds with Bitcoin and use them for purchases, expanding the usability of cryptocurrencies in everyday transactions.

When considering the use of Bitcoin debit cards for PayPal-based Bitcoin purchases, there are several benefits and considerations to keep in mind:

Benefits of Bitcoin debit cards

  • Convenience: Bitcoin debit cards provide a convenient way to spend Bitcoin at merchants that don’t accept cryptocurrencies directly.

  • Security: Debit cards offer security features that help protect funds, similar to traditional bank cards.

  • Accessibility: Integration with PayPal expands the usability of Bitcoin, allowing users to leverage their PayPal funds for Bitcoin purchases.

Disadvantages of Bitcoin debit cards

  • Fees: It’s essential to consider the fees associated with Bitcoin debit cards, such as transaction fees and currency conversion fees.

  • Exchange rates: Bitcoin debit cards may use different exchange rates, which could affect the overall cost of Bitcoin purchases.

  • Regulatory compliance: Different card providers may have different compliance requirements and restrictions based on users’ geographic location.


The future of P2P platforms adopting PayPal integration and debit cards looks promising as these technologies continue to gain traction. PayPal has been growing steadily and is expected to see further adoption. PayPal’s integration with debit cards allows users to send and receive money easily whether it’s for personal transactions or online shopping.

In the future we can expect PayPal to further enhance their services and features. As the payment industry evolves, it is important for payment providers like PayPal to keep up with emerging trends and technologies. This includes adopting the latest payment technology trends, such as digital wallets and mobile payments, to meet customer expectations and stay competitive.


Can I buy Bitcoin directly with PayPal? 

Yes, you can buy Bitcoin directly with PayPal. There are several methods available, such as using peer-to-peer platforms, cryptocurrency exchanges, payment services, or Bitcoin debit cards.

What are the advantages of buying Bitcoin with PayPal? 

Buying Bitcoin with PayPal offers convenience, accessibility, and the ability to use existing funds in a PayPal balance. It allows you to quickly and easily purchase Bitcoin without the need for traditional banking methods.

Are there any limitations or restrictions when buying Bitcoin with PayPal? 

The availability and functionality of buying Bitcoin with PayPal may vary based on your country, jurisdiction, and PayPal’s terms and conditions. One must review the specific details provided by PayPal regarding buying and selling cryptocurrencies.

What are some popular platforms or services that support buying Bitcoin with PayPal? 

Some popular platforms and services that support buying Bitcoin with PayPal include peer-to-peer platforms like Binance P2P, cryptocurrency exchanges like eToro and Coinbase, payment services like BitPay and Paxful, and Bitcoin debit card providers like Coinbase, BlockCard, and Wirex.