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Hotel Booking Website HotelGo24 Offers User Rewards In Bitcoin

Last Updated March 4, 2021 4:48 PM
James Moreau
Last Updated March 4, 2021 4:48 PM

There are many websites that offering lots of varied rewards and booking options when it comes to reserving a hotel at a good price. Some may even accept Bitcoin as a preferred payment. However, the first hotel booking website to offer a cash-back rewards style program with Bitcoin, as well as the option to donate your rewards to charities like Bithope, Wikileaks  and The Water Project is Warsaw, Poland-based HotelGo24 .

For each hotel booking a customer makes on HotelGo24, they may receive up to a 5% equivalent reward in Bitcoin for their purchase. The amount of the reward they’ll receive is noted on the page of each potential booking they look at. The selection criteria is simple and straightforward. The user may choose to browse hotels in their local currency and select a range of prices, star ratings as well as from a list of amenities available. The exact amount of Bitcoin reward a customer will get is listed beneath the hotel’s details.


No customer account is required in order to search for and book a hotel. While the rewards that HotelGo24 offers are actual Bitcoin, a user cannot use Bitcoin to pay for their hotel. To purchase a reservation at a hotel a user must enter a major credit card through the checkout page. Upon checkout, the user is given an option to automatically donate their Bitcoin rewards to one of the 3 listed charities, or have the Bitcoin reward sent to their wallet address.

The website offers competitive pricing and rates compared to other hotel booking websites. Within the description of each individual hotel listing there is a detailed breakdown about the facilities and what comes with the booking. There is also an objective TripAdvisor.com window with the listings for users to review before making their purchase.

While it would be even better for users of Bitcoin to be able to purchase their hotel reservations using Bitcoin, it’s still a useful model to raise awareness about Bitcoin by allowing users to earn rewards and donate them in the form of the cryptocurrency. The functionality of the website is good and easy to use and offers fans and users of Bitcoin a legitimate reason to use HotelGo24 over other booking website options.

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