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Glasgow Pub Starts to Accept Digital Currency Scotcoin

Last Updated March 4, 2021 4:45 PM
Samburaj Das
Last Updated March 4, 2021 4:45 PM

The Arlington – a pub in Glasgow will start accepting the digital currency Scotcoin. For now, the cryptocurrency can only be used as settlement for one particular lager.

Starting today on St. Andrew’s Day, The Arlington – a Glasgowian pub will start accepting Scottish-based cryptocurrency Scotcoin. The pub is believed to be the first in all of Scotland to allow its customers to pay with the cryptocurrency.

As reported  by the Herald Scotland, the pub’s Kenny Low admits that the pub will not be paying any worker in Scotcoin, nor buying any of its supplies with the digital currency. However, he simply added:

We just want to encourage Scotcoin.

The Arlington
The Arlington

The Arlington, a bar which first opened in 1860 is presently only accepting Scotcoin for its Stone of Destiny lager. The lager is named after its namesake – The Stone of destiny, a block of red sandstone dear to Scottish heritage and used over time during coronation ceremonies of the monarchs of Scotland. The Stone was captured by Edward I during war and taken to England to be placed at Westminster Abbey in 1296.

Centuries later, a group of four Scottish students reclaimed the Stone and brought it back to Scotland. Legend goes that they celebrated at the Arlington with the block of stone returned to England whispered to be a fake with the real Stone hiding in the bar.

Symbolic as it is, Kenny Low from the 155-yr old pub added that the pub embraced “the ever changing world” by accepting the digital currency.

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Scotcoin was developed by Derek Nisbet, a Scottish venture capitalist at a time when Scotland was gearing itself to vote in a national referendum. Although Scotland voted no to independence from the United Kingdom, Scotcoin has avoided collapse.

Another digital currency – Scotpound, received widespread attention in recent times when George Kerevan, MP for East Lothian and a member of the ruling Scottish National Party issued a rallying call for his party and the wider country to start experimenting and adopting Scotpound.

“I am absolutely in favor of experimenting,” Kerevan said. “If you wish to persuade people there are alternatives to using sterling, one way of doing that, rather than having an intellectual debate, is to show people.”

Image from Shutterstock and Facebook/The Arlington .