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Experimenting with Bitcoin on Your Honeymoon

Last Updated March 4, 2021 4:55 PM
Rebecca Campbell
Last Updated March 4, 2021 4:55 PM

A couple’s honeymoon might not seem the time to undertake a social experiment, with the digital currency Bitcoin, but that’s exactly what one soon-to-be-married couple are planning when they tie the knot at the end of the month.

On 28 March, 2017, South African residents Wilhelm Lehmann and Natasha Bezuidenhout are due to get married and just like most newlyweds they’ll be enjoying their time together on their honeymoon.

For them, this is the perfect time to demonstrate the real-life value of Bitcoin.

Speaking to CCN.com, Lehmann, a telecoms and IT specialist, who has used Bitcoin extensively and whose hobbies include cryptography and firearms, said that he has been following Bitcoin since its inception, concluding that it might be possible to live solely using the currency. He adds that this is a challenge he wants to prove after the honeymoon challenge.

He said that if the experiment is successful it will further boost his view of it as a real-world currency, which he hopes to explain in his whitepaper after the honeymoon.

It would prove you can travel to multiple countries using a single currency stored virtually in the cloud, so you don’t have to worry about losing credit cards [or] cash being stolen.

The couple is planning to travel for a week to Zanzibar, Mauritius and South Africa. Using Bitcoin Core, Electrum and paper wallets, Lehmann says that he plans on pre-booking everything, choosing vendors that use payment processors that accept the digital currency.

However, while many may consider this too short a time to determine the currency’s value in day-to-day expenses, Lehmann says how much they can do depends on the availability of Bitcoin that they are hoping friends and family will put toward their honeymoon fund.

He states:

Currently our main challenge is getting enough Bitcoin together to pay for our honeymoon.

The Growth of Bitcoin

Bitcoin is one of the quickest growing digital currencies with a market cap value of just over $20 billion. Ethereum, in second place, is valued at just under $3 billion.

With one Bitcoin currently valued around $1,248, a slight drop from its previous high of $1,350, after the SEC rejected the approval of the first ETF, the currency is demonstrating that despite setbacks it is much stronger than previously thought.

Not only that, but the currency is illustrating its ease of use, which millions of people are experiencing.

Lehmann states:

People are moving to convenience, and online transactions are more common every day.

He adds that as a backup he’ll be taking his credit cards with him as he says he ‘can’t let our honeymoon be spoiled because the spa won’t take Bitcoin for a massage.’ He concludes, though, that this would be a last resort if there was no way of getting what they needed with the currency.

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