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Craig Wright Says Bitcoin Is Going to Zero, Vows to Find Fake Satoshis

Last Updated March 4, 2021 2:34 PM
Samantha Chang
Last Updated March 4, 2021 2:34 PM

By CCN.com: Australian entrepreneur Craig Wright, the self-proclaimed inventor of bitcoin, has anointed himself the new sheriff of Crypto Town. And his first task is to hunt down “fake” Satoshis to prove once and for all that he’s the real deal.

Moreover, Wright — who claims Bitcoin SV (Satoshi Vision) is the one, true bitcoin — predicts that BTC will eventually crash to zero. And its proponents will soon choke on the bitter fruit of regret.

Wright: I Can Prove I’m Satoshi Nakamoto

In a 3,ooo-word follow-up to his recent Bitcoin Manifesto, Wright promises to “clean out the cryptocurrency space — whether you like it or not.”

To this end, Wright pledges to target everyone who falsely claims they’re Satoshi Nakamoto and force them to apologize. If they don’t, he warns that they’ll end up in jail. Wright threw down the gauntlet in an ominous May 30 blog post :

“If you want to pretend to be Satoshi, I will see you end up in prison. I have a claim that I am Satoshi and that I created the white paper. I’ve made my claim under oath. I have sworn it in a court of law.”

“If it turns out that I’m not, I will face 20 years in prison. The thing is, it will never happen because I am the creator of Bitcoin. Alternatively, the way I’m going to clean up the space is to force every single person involved in the space to either swear they are Satoshi and created Bitcoin, or back down and [apologize].”

Craig Wright bitcoin manifesto part 2 satoshi nakamoto
Craig Wright, the self-proclaimed Satoshi Nakamoto, predicts that bitcoin will plummet to zero. | Source: CraigWright.net

Craig Wright to Haters: I Will Spare No One

Wright contends that unlike Satoshi pretenders, he can prove that he’s Nakamoto. And he warned his haters and detractors that they’ll learn the truth soon enough.

“If you think I’m joking, if you think I’m not serious, if you think that I can’t prove what I’m saying, then I’m going to be looking forward to meeting you in court.”

Specifically, Wright says he will make an example of “pitiful” crypto podcaster Peter McCormack to teach his doubters a lesson they will never forget.

“I’m going to take pitiful people like Peter [McCormack] apart, as sad as it is, because of their stupidity. And as a lesson. People are going to learn that you cannot lie and cheat and defame people without consequences.”

“In time, if I have to, I will work one by one through every person in the BTC community, until they all either wear orange suits, [apologize], or disappear. No exceptions.”

Wright Vows to Make Example of Podcaster

As CCN.com reported, Wright filed a libel lawsuit against Peter McCormack in April, seeking damages of £100,000 (or roughly $130,000).

In his lawsuit, Wright accused McCormack of defaming him when he called Wright “a fraud” and said he was lying when he says he’s Satoshi Nakamoto.

Wright says he decided to sue McCormack after being mass-bullied on Twitter with nasty, personal attacks. Wright has since deleted his Twitter account.

In this instance, Wright sort of has a point. There was no justification for the crypto mob to harass him on that scale. If you don’t like him, just ignore him.

craig wright lawsuit peter mccormack satoshi nakamoto bitcoin inventor
In April 2019, Craig Wright sued crypto podcaster Peter McCormack for allegedly defaming him. | Source: CoinGeek

On Twitter, McCormack lamented that the lawsuit is going to cost him big bucks – whether he wins or loses. He says if the case goes to trial, his legal defense costs could total £500,000 to £750,000 ($631,000 to $950,000).

And if he loses, he’d have to pay almost $1.9 million. That amount includes both his and Wright’s legal fees.

craig wright lawsuit peter mccormack

Craig Wright: Bitcoin Price Will Tank to Zero

Finally, Wright warned BTC super-fans that BSV is the real bitcoin and will supplant all other bitcoin. But before then, he warned that BTC prices will abruptly drop to zero before it disappears in a poof.

“When you see it coming, it will be too late. You won’t get notification of the end. You’ll wake up one day, and BTC will be trading at zero.”

As CCN.com reported, Wright is a proponent of Bitcoin Satoshi Vision (BSV). Despite claiming that he invented BTC, Craig says the original cryptocurrency became perverted and tainted because it has devolved into a vehicle for criminal activity, especially money-laundering.

And he won’t allow crypto con artists to tarnish “his” vision for bitcoin.

“I’m going to find every cowboy with a hat and no swagger and get him to understand what Bitcoin is really about. Yes, I am Satoshi Nakamoto.”