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College Student Arrested For Dealing Drugs Bought On The Darknet

Lester Coleman
Last Updated March 4, 2021 4:48 PM

Investigators for the Monroe County, Pa. Drug Task Force arrested a student at East Stroudsburg University in East Stroudsburg, Pa. for selling drugs from his dorm room which he purchased on the darknet, according to darkwebnews.com.

Authorities claim the student, Michael Mancini, used and sold LSD that he bought on the darknet.

Mancini reportedly accessed the darknet using the Tor browser and bought the drugs with bitcoin. The darknet requires specialized access since the websites are not indexed by commonly used search engines.

Student Admits His Actions

Mancini admitted purchasing LSD on the darknet 10 times and selling it to eight other students. He said he sold the drug for $9 a hit.

Police arrested Mancini and charged him with purchasing a controlled substance, possession with intent to distribute a banned drug, use of a communication facility for criminal purchases, a misdemeanor, and other charges.

Mancini was later released on an unsecured $20,000 bail, according to records.

Authorities became suspicious after a second drug delivery to Mancini.

The university police responded to an informant who claimed Mancini was frequently ordering LSD on the web. William Parrish, the university police chief, received reports that Mancini frequently accessed the darknet to purchase LSD.

The informant further claimed Mancini displayed how to order a hit man on the darknet.

The Drugs Came From Hawaii

The university police were informed about Mancini’s activities after a resident director at the university intercepted a letter from Fun Stuff LLC in Wailuku, Hawaii that was intended for Mancini. The package was addressed to the student’s room in Lenape Hall.

The resident director then facilitated communication between the informant and the police.

Parrish contacted the local task force, as well as Kim Lippincott, the narcotics detective, according to the Monroe County, Pa. district attorney’s office.

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Police Search Student’s Room

Detectives obtained a search warrant and searched the student’s room. They found a plastic bag containing LSD-saturated squares. They also found Mancini’s cell phone, drug paraphernalia, a plastic bag, flavored cigars, a glass device for smoking marijuana, and a computer. Mancini was in the room during the search.

The LSD came in 2-inch squares, each of which contained 12 doses, according to the report. The bag was labeled, “Mint Condition” and included more than 25 hits.

The drug was pressed into a perforated paper between a pair of collector cards. A field test determined the paper was saturated with LSD.

Mancini contacted his friends on his cell phone and arranged for them to receive the drugs.

Darknet websites use encryption software that allows individuals who log in to hide their locations. To access these sites, people use encrypted browsers such as Tor.

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