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Bold New Year’s Resolutions for Every Playoff-Bound NBA Team

Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:27 PM
Aaron Weaver
Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:27 PM
  • Many NBA teams can contend for a title without making a blockbuster trade.
  • Some teams should make a big move.
  • Others just need to relax.

As 2019 winds down, NBA playoff contenders  should be looking to bolster their teams. With the Warriors out of the picture, multiple squads can contend for the title with a move or two. Here are the top resolutions for every team currently in playoff contention.

1. Boston Celtics

Find a real center. Daniel Theis and Enes Kanter are fine, but they’re both one-dimensional. If the Celtics can find a center who’s above-average on offense and defense, they can contend for a championship this year.

2. Brooklyn Nets

Get a power forward for next year. The Nets are stacked at center and guard. Kevin Durant will join them next season, but the Nets should look to add a quality stretch-four to help him.

kevin durant, brooklyn nets
The Nets need to get Kevin Durant some help before he’s back on the court. | Source: Mike Lawrie/Getty Images/AFP

3. Dallas Mavericks

Add a true 3&D wing player. Hello, Andre Iguodala. The Mavs have the cap space and the assets to pull off a deal for Iggy. They should.

4. Denver Nuggets

Play Michael Porter Jr. In his first-ever NBA start, MPJ scored 19 points on 8-of-10 shooting. He’s a stud, and the Nuggets need a quality wing player. If they want to make a deep playoff run, give this man more minutes.

5. Houston Rockets

Sit still for once. With Russell Westbrook trade rumors now swirling, it seems like the Rockets are only comfortable in chaos. They’re fourth in the West since Russ joined. Just get better with the team you have.

6. Indiana Pacers

Trade Myles Turner. Domantas Sabonis is their center of the future, and Myles Turner could fetch them some nice assets. Rip off the Band-Aid and make a move.

7. LA Clippers

Add another big man. The Clippers are deep at nearly every position except center. Ivica Zubac is passable, but if they can find a creative way to pry someone like Nerlens Noel from the Thunder, they’ll be unstoppable come playoff time.

8. LA Lakers

Manage the load. Don’t push LeBron and AD through injuries. Give them nights off to heal because if one of them gets hurt, the Lakers won’t make it past the first round of the playoffs. Oh, and pray that you can somehow land Andre Iguodala.

9. Miami Heat

Trade for a point guard. Kendrick Nunn is a pleasant surprise , but for now, he’s best as a sixth man. If the Heat want to go all-in this year, they should trade for Jrue Holiday.

10. Milwaukee Bucks

Keep encouraging Giannis. If Giannis can become anything close to a knockdown three-point shooter, teams like the Raptors will no longer be able to stop him in the playoffs.

11. Oklahoma City Thunder

Make a choice. At 17-15, the Thunder are caught between contention and rebuilding. They should either try to get something for Danilo Gallinari or add more depth to make a playoff run.

12. Orlando Magic

Clean up the frontcourt. The Magic frontcourt is set for the future with Jonathan Isaac & Nikola Vucevic. Get something pretty for Aaron Gordon. How about a real starting NBA point guard?

13. Philadephia 76ers

Trade for a point guard. The 76ers are good, but they still don’t seem championship-level good. Could they offer Tobias Harris or Josh Richardson to Toronto for Kyle Lowry? It’s worth a shot.

14. San Antonio Spurs

Shoot threes, duh. Rudy Gay has finally caught on , and now it’s time for Greg Popovich and the rest of the Spurs to join the 21st century and shoot the shots that are worth the most points.

15. Toronto Raptors

Trade Kyle Lowry & Marc Gasol. Lowry is the greatest Raptor ever , but Toronto has proven they can win when these two are hurt. It would be another painful departure, but Toronto would be better off getting assets for their older players.

16. Utah Jazz

Boost Mike Conley’s self-esteem. Conley has been horrible this year,  but the Jazz are going to need him if they want to make a deep playoff run. Send him to a Tony Robbins seminar, compliment his eyes, do whatever you can to make this man forget he’s shooting 36% this year.