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Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Prague 2016 to Cover Security, Investment, Regulation and Gambling

Last Updated March 4, 2021 4:47 PM
James Moreau
Last Updated March 4, 2021 4:47 PM

Coming up on May 19th, 2016, the Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Prague  will be held in the Central European location of the Czech Republic.

Previous conferences and others held in 2016 take place in locations such as Moscow and St. Petersberg Russia and Kiev, Ukraine. Besides the biggest cryptocurrency and blockchain trends coming up in 2016, the conference will cover security, investment climate, legislative regulation and innovations in gambling with Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Blockchain Conference Prague

Last year’s event focused on many questions surrounding the state of Bitcoin and how it would affect businesses needs as understood at the time. There were also a few talks on the notion of how smart contracts would begin to be implemented and what the first “killer app” would be pre-Ethereum Homestead. With the world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain having changed so much in a year’s time, there will be plenty of new topics to discuss for this year’s speakers. What will be the winning bet for investors to cash in on this year?

Keeping in mind the discussions already happening in 2016 around the matter of blockchain technology in the FinTech sector, a major concern is how blockchain will address security concerns regarding banks highly sensitive data.

Ronny Boesing will be one of the speakers on hand to give his thoughts on the matter of trustless exchanges between individuals. Boesing is involved with both Coinsbank and OpenLedger.info. Andrey Zamovskiy of Ambisafe will also be speaking on cryptocurrency exchanges, loyalty rewards with blockchain technology as well as digital governance solutions.

What else should be the hot topics of this conference? Clearly the block size debate continues to rage on and Ethereum’s first big Dapp will likely be on everyone’s mind as the conversations at the conference unfolds.

One particularly interesting and potentially insightful area of the conference will be the regulative angle on cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology from a business and government perspective. There have been no shortages of high profile events happening surrounding especially European legislators getting involved with Bitcoin and cryptocurrency, the speakers will be called upon to offer their thoughts on how businesses can hope to navigate the current climate of seeking higher regulation, especially for Bitcoin.

The other highly anticipated topic at the conference will be how Bitcoin a cryptocurrency based online gambling will evolve in the coming year and how it can stay ahead of regulations and potential legal pitfalls.

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