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Bitcoin Geocaching Game Takara Adds Support for Counterparty Tokens

Last Updated March 4, 2021 4:50 PM
Rebecca Campbell
Last Updated March 4, 2021 4:50 PM

The first ever Bitcoin geocaching iOS app, Takara, has added support for Counterparty assets, allowing users to hunt and plant bitcoin treasures around the world, using IndieSquare’s API.

Developed by Christian Moss of MandelDuck, users will have the ability to not only find Counterparty tokens, but also bitcoins when they get close enough to them. It’s similar to PokemonGo; however, the only difference is that instead of Pokemon, users will be collecting bitcoins and various tokens that represent different items such as tickets, coupons, company stocks or loyalty points.

Speaking to CCN.com, lead developer Christian Moss of MandelDuck, said that with Takara adding support for Counterparty tokens this was the start of digital property rather than virtual assets tied to a single use case.

He stated:

I think it shows how game items can be liberated from a single parent game, for example using Counterparty, Spells of Genesis have made a game item that can be used in Spells of Genesis, used in SaruTobi, geocached in Takara, and traded on a decentralized exchange.

MandelDuck is also behind games such as SaruTobi, Game of Birds and KA-GE.

To prevent users from stealing bitcoin Takara, Moss explained that users should remember that once they drop the Takara, they are essentially giving up ownership of the coins.

He added:

Having said that, users always keep a copy of the private key to any takara they create so they can access the bitcoin at any point before it is collected by a user. This offers protection in case the app is removed by Apple or the service is stopped for whatever reason.

Takara Attracts Regular People to Bitcoin

The gaming world continues to be a popular pastime for all ages, but if an individual hasn’t heard of blockchain technology or bitcoin before, this could be the perfect way for them to experience an innovative technology.

Speaking to CCN.com, co-founder of IndieSquare, Koji Higashi, said that the popularity of PokemonGo was a good example of getting people involved in the gaming industry that would help to push the wider adoption of Bitcoin too.

He said:

If we can somehow insert blockchain into the equation, say being able to trade their Pokemon securely on the blockchain with other players, that alone can easily be a killer app for Bitcoin.

Not only that but in-game assets present the chance to create advanced video game economies containing value that is fungible in the real world. This is seen in games such as World of Warcraft Gold and Counter Strike where Global Offensive skins are used as value stores in the game economies.

Speaking to CCN.com, director of the Counterparty Foundation, Trevor Altpeter said that the use of Counterparty delivers an improved version for the gaming world.

Counterparty assets are an improvement over the existing model, offering enhanced functionality, while also reducing counterparty risk inherent to the current centralized custody of these assets that ultimately limits their utility and value in the real world.