Bitcoin Exchange Bitfinex is Down

Bitfinex, while still listed on its website as being in the “beta-phase,” is the largest USD based bitcoin exchange. Bitfinex is currently experiencing an outage, as they have acknowledged on twitter.

Beyond tweets acknowledging the existence of an issue, Bitfinex has not yet released any information concerning the current service interruption.

This latest outage follows an outage just four days ago on July 6th. Few details have been released about that outage, though it was addressed quickly.

In late may of this year, Bitfinex’ hot wallet was hacked to the tune of $5,400,000. No customer funds were affected by that hack.

The current interruption comes as Litecoin’s daily trading volume (in USD) has surpassed bitcoin’s for the first time ever.

Update: Bitfinex announced via twitter that the outage was caused by a DDoS attack and that service has been fully restored.

Images courtesy of Twitter and Shutterstock.

Last modified (UTC): July 10, 2015 10:40 AM

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Ned Miller @NedMNews

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