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BinaryX IGO to list Project Matthew: Build A Space City With ERC-404 NFTs

Published February 29, 2024 10:10 AM
Published February 29, 2024 10:10 AM
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Singapore, Singapore, February 29th, 2024, Chainwire

BinaryX  announced today the highly anticipated launch of their first Initial Game Offering  (IGO) of the year, Project Matthew . Project Matthew is a space-building simulation game where players get to experience what it is like to work in space, officially known as the planet Matthew in the game. In the game, players work not as astronauts, but as builders and engineers that make space livable for a new civilization.

Own ERC-404 NFT tokens and exchange for in-game land

Players have the opportunity to own fractionalized ERC-404 NFTs  that can be converted to ownership of in-game land, weapons, and other materials. ERC-404 tokens provide users with ample liquidity while also opening up different possibilities for their future ownership, including shared ownership of land, buildings and resources. 

The game, with its innovative use of ERC-404 tokens, is expected to promote collaboration, a sense of community, and open the game to a wider audience without compromising the exclusivity of in-game NFT ownership.

The Story of Project Matthew: A Space Building Simulator 

Humans discover a not-so-distant planet called Matthew with the potential to house living beings. As pioneers of space living, players will have the opportunity to design and manage their very own industrial plants, mine for resources, build robots that can help to work in the plants as well as fight other intergalactical forces, and construct their very own space city from the ground up. 

Lead A Virtual Army

Players can recruit a robot army with different skills and abilities, and challenge enemies on the battlefield to earn massive rewards. The battlefield is divided into different levels of difficulties. The more difficult the level, the greater the rewards.

Explore Space

Exploration is one of the primary ways to obtain rewards and resources in Project Matthew. The gameplay features a collection of neighboring and faraway planets waiting to be explored.

“Project Matthew is our first IGO project for the first half of 2024. We wanted our players to have the opportunity to experience living and working in space, and this game is the first ever simulation game in the Web3 space to offer a semi-realistic experience for that”, said Julio, Head of Investments at BinaryX. “We’re excited and geared up to support more quality games like Project Matthew on our IGO platform in 2024.”  

Users can participate in the IGO here 

About BinaryX

BinaryX is a leading Web3 gaming platform dedicated to creating immersive and engaging gaming experiences like Ai Hero  and Pancake Mayor ,

Built on the BSC Chain, BinaryX leverages the latest technologies in blockchain and AI to provide over 100k players with unique opportunities to own in-game assets, participate in decision-making processes, and experience the true potential of Web3 gaming.

For more details and information about BinaryX, users can visit www.binaryx.pro   

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