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Behind the Coin: Simplifying eCommerce with Monetha – Ready for Liftoff?

Last Updated March 4, 2021 5:01 PM
Kent Hamilton
Last Updated March 4, 2021 5:01 PM

This analysis marks the beginning of a new series called Behind the Coin where the author spotlights the lesser-known coins in the cryptocurrency space.

Monetha is a cryptocurrency payment gateway for merchants, providing a Decentralized Trust and Reputation mechanism, which is built-in together with payment processing. Monetha’s solution aims to help merchants and payment processors obtain access to customers that own Ether, which currently has a $35 billion market cap. Monetha is currently focused on building relationships and partnering with merchants. Strategically this could create trust and reach many more customers in the long-term.

More companies are starting to integrate their product with the blockchain. Monetha will be speaking at the 2017 Blockchain summit in London coming up on November 28th along with other companies such as Western Union, RBS and Barclays. Monetha states:

We are already in positive talks with major players – Revel Systems and Shopify. Being the biggest (as of the end of 2016), Shopify had over 377K merchants on its platform.

Once Monetha integrates with major players in the eCommerce space, they will then focus on educating the general public on buying with cryptocurrency having garnered the trust of companies they already use. Trust and reputation is a big deal as it relates to eCommerce purchases. Monetha has a built-in trust and reputation that will help customers feel at ease when buying products.

Monetha has the team to deliver the product and is undervalued at the present moment. When looking for altcoins in which to invest,  always look at their market cap first. The price of the token means nothing compared to the market cap. Currently, Monetha ranks 217th out of all altcoins, according to Coinmarketcap. Recently, they were listed on Binance and are in talks with other major exchanges as well. Getting listed on these exchanges dramatically increases a coin’s liquidity and, in this case, their market cap. Recently Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have been fluctuating and, as Bitcoin rises, altcoins usually suffer. However, Monetha has maintained steady value while other cryptocurrencies have taken a hit, and is primed to increase significantly.

Once they are listed on top exchanges and solidify key partnerships, this coin may provide as much as 4x ROI (Return on Investment). If and when Shopify becomes a partner, this will bring fantastic exposure to Monetha and cryptocurrencies in general.

Short-Term Trade Recommendation: For the short-term, I would recommend placing a buy order at 0.00000730 BTC, a stop-loss order at 0.00000690 BTC and a profit target sell order at 0.00000880 BTC for a 20% return. Monetha could easily break out above 0.00001100 BTC but this swing trade is poised to gain 20%. Binance currently has the most trading volume for Monetha.

1 Year Outlook: Over the next 12 months, I believe the Monetha market cap will hit $32,500,000 – a 2.5x ROI.

Bottom Line: Monetha is a solid coin with very profitable short-term and long-term potential. I will be providing regular updates as I continue the Behind the Coin series.

Disclaimer: This analyst owns Monetha and believes in the long-term success of the coin.

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