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Airdrops: List of 10 Upcoming Events and How to Qualify for Them 

Published June 29, 2023 11:56 AM
Teuta Franjkovic
Published June 29, 2023 11:56 AM
Key Takeaways
  • Token airdrops are embraced by crypto projects as a tried-and-true tactic to build their community and ensure financial viability.
  • To maximize one’s chances of being eligible for an airdrop, one should enter the project early.
  • In 2023, a number of well-known crypto projects, such as Layer Zero, Quai, and Shardeum, are reported to airdrop some of their native tokens to their community.

Airdrops are intended to introduce users to the project and reward them as a dual marketing and reward system. They are designed to introduce users to the project and reward them.

The main goal of early airdrop programs was to expose a new or existing project to the Bitcoin community by paying new users to take part in small social tasks. The participants get a specific amount of token awards after finishing.

Airdrops have undergone certain changes because of the shift in emphasis toward rewarding early adopters and substantial contributors during the past five years. Cryptocurrency projects are implementing airdrop methods that make use of more cutting-edge technologies and offer bigger incentives in response to Uniswap’s well-publicized airdrop in 2020 and its excellent results.

In light of the fact that 2023 has already arrived, here are some airdrops expected to occur during the year and possibilities to become eligible for participation.

  • LayerZero

An inter-chain communication mechanism called LayerZero  is based on Omnichain. Oracle technology is used by LayerZero to facilitate data exchange between applications created on various blockchain networks.

By enabling applications developed on one blockchain to rent infrastructure from other chains, LayerZero’s solution aims to integrate all blockchain networks into one, going beyond simple asset bridging. Through appropriate validations on the chain that receives the request, LayerZero accomplishes this while maintaining the security of these interchain transactions.

How to Increase Your Eligibility

Users that anticipate a Layer Zero airdrop can begin by participating in Layer Zero initiatives even though an airdrop has not yet been confirmed. You may want to think about providing liquidity, staking STG tokens, or participating in DAO voting for Stargate, one of the first protocols on Layer Zero. You might also think about using the Layer Zero-powered Aptos bridge.

  • StarkNet

On top of Ethereum, StarkNet  is a decentralized Validity-Rollup (or “ZK-Rollup”) that offers limitless computational power to decentralized apps without compromising compatibility or security.

To guarantee that transactions are trustworthy and secure, it makes use of the STARK cryptographic proof system, which is safe and scalable. Because StarkNet is permission-free, anyone can use it without obtaining a specific person’s consent. Testnet users can already access StarkNet’s alpha version 0.11.0, and the mainnet upgrade is anticipated to happen shortly after

How to Increase Your Eligibility

Interacting with StarkNet’s testnet is the easiest way to take advantage of any potential airdrops of $STRK tokens. Additionally, several StarkNet protocols do not yet have a token.

As a result, utilizing their DApps may qualify you for their airdrops as well, giving you the chance to gain double benefits.

  • zkSync

A ZK Rollup called zkSync  seeks to offer scalable and affordable transactions on the Ethereum network. This is done by providing validity proof and bundled transactions to an Ethereum smart contract. Public access to the zkSync Era Mainnet Alpha has begun. There is anticipation that some of the tokens may be airdropped when the team announces the introduction of a native token in the future.

How to Increase Your Eligibility

Users are said to need to add zkSync Era Alpha Mainnet to MetaMask, interact with zkSync Lite and zkSync Era Mainnet Alpha, complete quests on zkSync’s Crew3, and interact with other members of the zkSync ecosystem like Orbiter Finance and ZigZag in order to be eligible for the zkSync Airdrop.

Due to the possibility that some zkSync dApps have not yet published their token, the last alternative is also extremely advantageous. Thus there’s a potential you could receive two airdrops for one.

  • Quai Network

The security of Proof-of-Work and the scalability of sharding, where miners can validate multiple chains using the same mining hardware and bandwidth, are combined by Quai Network  to pursue scalability and improved user experience. Each chain (or shard) can independently process transactions and properly record them on the individual and general ledger. Due to this, Quai Network can boast a maximum transaction speed of 50,000TPS.

How to Increase Your Eligibility

In order to encourage the cryptocurrency community to interact with the project socially, Quai Network offers a social media rewards program that awards Quai tokens to supporters who successfully complete the social job. Although rewards have not yet been given out, they will probably do so after the mainnet launches.

  • MetaMask

Users can engage with other decentralized exchanges and store their Ethereum (ETH)/ERC-20 tokens using the popular browser extension MetaMask . For consumers who frequently utilize ETH and/or its tokens, it is quite well-liked. This is due to the fact that it is safe and gives customers easy access to their money.

The launch of MetaMask’s own token was announced on March 16, 2022. Despite the lack of specific information on the launch date, it was hinted that the token’s ticker would be $MASK.

How to Increase Your Eligibility

The airdrop rules for the MetaMask ($MASK) token have not been made public. But it’s possible that if you use the wallet for DeFi activities, token swapping, and bridging assets, you’ll be eligible for a MetaMask ($MASK) token airdrop when it occurs.

  • Shardeum

The Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) serves as the foundation for the Shardeum  smart contract platform. Shardeum differentiates out by utilizing dynamic state-sharding, even though it is similar to other state-sharding platforms like Harmony, Elrond, and NEAR Protocol.

How to Increase Your Eligibility

Shardeum has not yet formally announced its airdrop of $SHM tokens. On the other hand, Shardeum has recently introduced its betanet, and the protocols there also offer rewards for early adopters. Therefore, interacting with their testnet would provide you the maximum chance of receiving Shardeum token airdrops.

  • ZetaChain

ZetaChain  is a smart contract platform and L1 blockchain that enables interoperability across various blockchains and layers.

The debut of the $ZETA coin has been announced, and the team plans to give out tokens to early adopters.

How to Increase Your Eligibility

– Log in to your Twitter account and validate it on the ZetaChain Testnet page

– Switch to the Goerli network after connecting your MetaMask

– Make a daily request for Testnet ZETA

– To earn ZETA points after receiving Testnet tokens, complete swaps on the swap page

– Earn additional points by introducing friends to ZetaChain

  • Scroll

Scroll  is a zkEVM-based zkRollup that makes it possible for current Ethereum tools and applications to function natively.

From VCs like Sequoia Capital and Polychain, it has raised $80 million. Even though they haven’t officially announced the airdrop, it’s likely that they will give tokens to early adopters of their technology.

How to Increase Your Eligibility

– Add the Scroll Alpha Testnet and Goerli Testnet to your MetaMask

– Follow the steps on the Scroll faucet page to obtain Testnet ETH

– Send testnet ETH from Goeril Testnet to Scroll Alpha Testnet via Scroll Bridge

  • ZigZag

Utilizing software installed on the zkSync network is one of the probable requirements for receiving a zkSync airdrop. You may be eligible for yet another airdrop if you select the decentralized exchange ZigZag  as your application of choice.

ZigZag operates a decentralized order book exchange, as opposed to the popular Automated Market Maker (AMM) model employed by modern DEXes. Traders can submit their bids and have them added to a queue similar to what is seen on centralized exchanges thanks to ZigZag’s orderbook technology. Unlike the AMM, the orders wait until all necessary circumstances are satisfied before being performed. Customers can place their orders from the convenience of their own wallets.

How to Increase Your Eligibility

Purchasing enough tokens to secure a majority vote in favor of the proposal would be a surefire way to determine the fate of the ZigZag airdrop, but this is probably not doable. To increase your chances of remaining lucky, become familiar with zkSync and ZigZag. Older users and significant contributors will probably have a better chance of winning the airdrop.

  • Atlendis

In exchange for taking on the risk, Atlendis  enables borrowers to acquire loans from lenders without providing any kind of security. Atlendis provides a flexible means of getting funds from the loan markets, benefiting organizations, processes, and persons in the financial sector. On the other hand, lenders will profit from risk-management tools provided by Atlendis and obtain better incentives.

How to Increase Your Eligibility

Even though there is currently only a rumor about an Atlendis airdrop, you can still try your luck by interacting with the protocol and adding supported assets to its staking pools.