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Coinsilium Becomes World’s First IPO of a Blockchain Tech Company

Last Updated March 4, 2021 4:46 PM
Samburaj Das
Last Updated March 4, 2021 4:46 PM

 Blockchain investor Coinsilium began share trading yesterday, December 24, 2015 on the ICAP Securities and Derivatives Exchange (ISDX) in London, under the ticker “COIN”.

London-based blockchain technology investor Coinsilium, a company known for supporting blockchain-startups at an early stage started trading on the ISDX Growth Market in London yesterday.

Coinsilium issued 10,000,000 new ordinary shares at 10p per share to raise £1 million in gross proceeds. Upon admission, the company also has 69,793,500 Ordinary Shares on issue, representing a market capitalization of £6.98 million, as revealed by the London Stock Exchange.

Starting in 2013, the IPO comes after two years in which Coinsilium has a portfolio of investments  in nine blockchain-based Fintech companies.

They are:

  • Fuzo – A digital wallet provider.
  • Magnr – A bitcoin- and blockchain-trading platform.  coinsilium
  • CoinSimple – A payment gateway.
  • Factom – A blockchain-based data management system.
  • Mexbt – A cryto exchange.
  • Rivetz – A developer for security applications.
  • SatoshiPay – A payment gateway.
  • Neuroware – A blockchain API provider.
  • The Real Asset Co – A blockchain-based gold trading platform.

In a statement, executive chairman for Coinsilium, Cameron Parry claimed:

We are delighted to be the world’s first IPO of a blockchain technology company and the first to offer retail investors the opportunity to gain exposure to a diverse group of these potentially disruptive technologies and this fast growing sector.

He added:

This is not only a significant step for the company, but also for the blockchain industry in general.

With the experience of its Board of Directors and the management team, Coinsilium also claims the ability to offer a multitude of services including corporate/business advisory, investment and development solutions, training & education and other services to blockchain- and Fintech- companies. Coinsilium also adds that it can cater to existing corporates seeking to learn about the “potential for disruption and integration that blockchain technology can represent.”

Parry also praised the UK, which is fast becoming the leading Fintech destination after open praise for Fintech and disruptive technologies like the blockchain by the UK Treasury as well as UK’s Chancellor for the Exchequer, ,George Osborne.

Parry stated:

The UK has been a welcoming jurisdiction to date for Fintech and the evolution that blockchain technology represents to the transfer of value online, and we are pleased to play our part in seeing London be one of the world’s leading innovation hubs in this regard.

Coinsilium, after a previous delay and Australia-based mining startup Bitcoin Group, also courting multiple delays – were both vying to be the first publicly listed bitcoin- or blockchain-oriented company through an IPO for some time now. It turns out the London-based Coinsilium won that just in time to count as an achievement in 2015.

Images from Shutterstock and Coinsilium.