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50 Cent Dumps Supporting Donald Trump – Was It Over Money?

Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson, who previously endorsed Trump, withdrew his support. According to one report, his switch was financially motivated.

  • Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson withdrew his support of Donald Trump.
  • The withdrawal came shortly after his ex-girlfriend, Chelsea Handler, went on Jimmy Fallon’s show and spilled some interesting tea.
  • But another report suggests that Jackson’s withdrawal of support was financially motivated.

Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson has withdrawn his support for Donald Trump.

After previously endorsing Trump for President — claiming he did so because he didn’t want to pay 62% in taxes — the “Get Rich or Die Trying” rapper told the current White House occupant to “f**k” himself after his ex-girlfriend, Chelsea Handler, went on Jimmy Fallon’s show and made him an offer he (apparently) couldn’t refuse.

But another report suggests that Jackson’s withdrawal of support may have been financially motivated.

50 Cent Apparently Wants Another Go-Round With Chelsea Handler

Comedian Chelsea Handler recently went on Jimmy Fallon’s late-night show to share her thoughts about 50 Cent — whom she dated for a time — and his support of Donald Trump. According to her, she set the “21 Questions” rapper straight about his “62% tax claim,” making clear that nowhere in Joe Biden’s plan is there a “62% tax” rule.

Apparently, though, that wasn’t enough — because she also said that she sweetened the deal by offering to “go another round” with Jackson, and their relationship, if he switched his political endorsement. (It’s good to know that the Lysistrata method still works to this day — ladies, take note…)

That caused 50 Cent to switch his affiliation so fast, he nearly broke his neck, as you can see in the video below.

Jackson Has A History Of Trolling

In an expletive-laden Instagram post made a week ago, Jackson seemed to endorse Trump because of the alleged 62% tax rate that will take place in New York if Joe Biden wins the election.

50 Cent initially endorsed Donald Trump but withdrew his support a few days later. | Source: Instagram

Jackson also implied that Trump offered him $500,000 for his support, but turned down the offer because it’s “not good money.”

But what’s most interesting about this entire situation is the fact that anyone took this “endorsement” seriously in the first place.

From Ja Rule to his own son, Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson has made an entire career out of trolling anyone and everyone in the name of getting money and hits. And that’s all good and fine — but let’s not pretend, once again, that anyone was going to change their vote of support from Biden to Trump just because a man who got famous for singing about being “In Da Club” said to do so.

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