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Voxelus Virtual Reality Currency Presale Begins On Uphold Platform

Last Updated March 4, 2021 4:46 PM
Lester Coleman
Last Updated March 4, 2021 4:46 PM

The Voxelus virtual reality (VR) content creation platform is making its VOX currency available on the Uphold cloud money platform in a beta pre-sale. Uphold users can order VOX on Uphold before its general release on March 30, 2016, according to Anthony Watson, president and CEO of Uphold Inc.

Voxelus allows users to create VR games and experiences without having to rewrite code. It offers a VR player app that plays content using the desktop content tool on Samsung VR or Oculus Rift and is developing even more features.

Link Bank Accounts To Crypto

Uphold in November launched the ability for U.S. members to fund Uphold accounts by linking their bank accounts, debit or credit cards, in addition to bitcoin. The U.S. expansion marked the second phase of Uphold’s global growth, following the October rollout in Europe. Uphold noted on its website  that this functionality connects the legacy and fragmented financial ecosystem with the “Internet of Money.”

The Voxelus Creator is available for Mac and PC, a tool for creating VR games, according to the company website. Voxelus Viewer provides VR support for Samsung Gear VR and Oculus Rift for Mac and PC, with a non-VR version available for Mac and PC. The Voxelus Marketplace is coming in 2016, which the company envisions as the “app store” for VR where content creators will sell games, animations and assets.

CCN.com previously reported the launch of three VR headsets in Q1 of 2016 – HTC Vive, PlayStation VR and Oculus Rift. This launch is expected to significantly expand VR entertainment, games and assets.

Link Virtual To Fiat And More

According to the Voxelus website, the voxel will be the first digital currency besides bitcoin that is exchangeable on a major currency exchange for Euro, USD, gold silver and more than 30 other currencies.uphold-vertical-logo

Uphold helped to create, distribute and support the voxel currency. To bring VR assets and games to market, Voxelus required its own cryptographically-secure, in-game currency.

Uphold becomes the first and only money platform for the VOX card, which Voxelus calls the first official VR currency card and the only official currency of the Voxelus platform. The platform supports the purchase, sale, payment and settlement of all Voxelus products, content, services and awards. Users must own VOX to make transactions on the Voxelus platform.

Users can purchase VOX directly on Uphold for free, immediately loading the value onto a VOX card in the user’s account. Users can then transfer and convert any form of currency or commodity for free.

The current exchange rate, independently determined by Voxelus at this writing, is 1 BTC for 650 Voxel/VOX, via debit or credit card, banks transfer or with the user’s currently-held funds.

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Public Release In March

There are restrictions on trading and transferring VOX until the general sale on March 30, 2016. After the general public has access to VOX, Voxelus will remove trade restrictions.

After March 30, members will be able to exchange and convert any VOX they hold to any value or currency held on the platform. Members will also be able to offboard VOX value from the Uphold wallet to the Voxel block chain. The company’s membership agreement governs the terms of use.

Voxelus completed a private, pre-sale of VOX with 1.2 million VOX sold for a total of 1,022 BTC as of Nov. 3, 2015, CCN.com reported. The pre-sale delivered a record amount raised in a private crowd sale of a cryptographic token.

More than $687 million (USD) has transacted on the Voxelus platform since its November 2014 launch in 170 countries, Wilson noted. This sum represents 36% of the world’s public bitcoin in less than 13 months.

Uphold, meanwhile, plans to release physical and virtual payment cards with Visa and MasterCard for members to pay merchants (online and in-store), from their Uphold accounts directly, CCN.com reported in October.

Images from Shutterstock and Uphold.