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Twitch Streamer Alinity Gets Bullied By A Bunch of Voyeuristic Creeps

Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:53 PM
W. E. Messamore
Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:53 PM
  • Popular Twitch streamer Alinity had a nip slip Friday.
  • An army of goons immediately began harassing her on social media.
  • Alinity isn’t the problem; the issue is the bullying of female gamers.

In a Friday broadcast, popular Twitch streamer Alinity had a wardrobe malfunction. She had an accidental nip slip while stuffing a pillow up her shirt as part of a comedic gag.

After that, hordes of online bullies posted screenshots to social media. They also called for Twitch to ban her from the platform that made her famous for playing World of Warcraft.

Alinity haters were quick to call it a violation of Twitch terms of service.

A writer for TheGamer.com said :

Controversial Twitch streamer Alinity broke TOS once again when she lifted her shirt and revealed her bare breast while playing Just Dance on stream today.

He added:

Twitch’s Terms of Service guidelines strictly forbid full or partial nudity on stream, and Alinity’s “slip” clearly violates that rule.

The suggestion is that Alinity should receive a ban for the accident.

But that’s ridiculous.

Alinity Is A Victim of Relentless Bullying, Harassment

It’s not clear that Alinity’s wardrobe malfunction was a willful violation of Twitch community guidelines. It appears to be an embarrassing accident, not a calculated appeal to prurient interests. Alinity was goofing off when it happened, not trying to be sexy.

And she appeared instantly surprised and shocked after flashing the camera. She mouthed the words, “Oh my God.” Then she quickly deleted the VOD (video on demand archived stream).

Anyone who finds the clip arousing in any way is an immature, voyeuristic creep. Anyone who posts it on social media, like the mindless degenerate who goes by the moniker Keemstar , is an online bully and sexual harasser.

These hypocrites are calling for Alinity to get banned for an entirely accidental TOS violation. But they’re deliberately violating multiples clauses of the TOS of other platforms by reposting the clip. They should get banned like Wile E. Coyote getting smashed by one of his own traps.

The gaming industry needs to clean up its act and push back against the bullying and harassment against female gamers. This girl put up with so much hate. The fact that she continues to stream is a testament to her resilience. If she got banned in this ridiculous cancel culture, or just bullied away from streaming, it would be a tragedy.

Inconsistent Twitch Ban Enforcement

alinity nip slip wardrobe malfunction twitch stream ban
Source: Twitter 

One reason the backlash is so severe is Twitch’s inconsistent TOS enforcement. Because many calling for Twitch to ban Alinity have been suspended for minor violations. Or they’re fans of streamers who have faced this unfair treatment. So this is an understandable source of frustration. Twitch affiliate and Call of Duty streamer, PandaLovesTV said :

Iā€™m sorry but TOS is TOS. Alinity should not be allowed to get away with this stuff. First the cat and now this? If any small streamer pulled the same shit she did, where would they be? #twitchfails

(The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals cleared Alinity of any wrongdoing .)

But the answer isn’t to call for Twitch to be more consistently tyrannical. It’s to call for Twitch to exercise a lighter hand with the ban hammer for everyone. These moments are activism opportunities for advocates of a safe, laid-back, fun place for female gamers to game while female. Instead of being gross and hateful, let’s be kind and gentle.

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