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Sony’s Bizarre New PlayStation Ad is too Weird to be Hiding PS5 Clues

Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:34 PM
Thomas Bardwell
Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:34 PM
  • PlayStation new ‘Feel the Power of PlayStation’ ad yesterday.
  • It’s a bizarre, yet welcome change of pace.
  • One fan believes it’s hiding clues about the PS5.

One fan thinks Sony is hiding PS5 clues in the latest PlayStation trailer.

Yesterday, Sony released a new PlayStation ad  dubbed ‘Feel the Power of PlayStation.’ It’s bizarre stuff.

Feel the Power of PlayStation

A squad of soldiers storms a subterranean network of concrete tunnels only to find a clandestine setup reminiscent of a crypto mining farm. Instead of industrial fan-cooled graphics cards auditing transactions throbbing human hearts power PlayStation 4 consoles.

Finding meaning in all this leads to a lot of head-scratching confusion. Is Sony making a strained reference to tomorrow’s imminent Valentine’s day celebrations? You know, human hearts as a timeless reference to love. Or, possibly, the emotions conjured up by Sony’s flagship console? Games as a conduit for a broad range of human emotions?

The whole thing is open to interpretation and harks back to PlayStation ads of old. Sony appears to be dipping its marketing output in an enigmatic veneer that’s lacked in recent years. Recent spots have been decidedly more on the nose, referencing the games rather than an intangible experience .

Hidden Clues?

This return to the odd coupled with the ever-mounting hype surrounding the PlayStation 5 has led one fan down an intriguing wormhole. They believe the trailer includes clues about the PS5 .

They point specifically to the number of soldiers. There are five of them. What’s the name of Sony’s upcoming console? PlayStation 5.

Alongside they note that at the 35-second mark, a pair of lights in the background form the number 11. Unlike the rest of the lighting in the tunnel network, these are slanted vertically rather than horizontally.

Are There PS5 Clues Hiding in Latest PlayStation Ad?
Source: PlayStation/YouTube

While our sleuth doesn’t explicitly point towards this, the idea is that we have to combine the ‘clues.’ A date surfaces – 5/11, or 11/5, depending on which side of the Atlantic you find yourself. A release date? Unlikely.

We’ll be the first to admit, the clues are pretty fanciful and a stretch. Historically, Sony doesn’t have a habit of embedding clues, so why start now? The Reddit responses make it clear that this one fan is taking matters a little too far .

What this theory does show is that Sony’s return to weird marketing is already bearing fruit. Long may it continue.