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PS5 Leak Teases a Bold Design Choice That Might Surprise You

Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:34 PM
Thomas Bardwell
Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:34 PM
  • The PlayStation website reportedly featured a PS5 icon before it was quickly removed.
  • The icon bears an uncanny resemblance to the design of the PS5 dev kit.
  • If genuine, the final design may be closer to the dev kit than expected.

The design of the final retail version of the PlayStation 5 may be closer to the development kit than anticipated, according to the latest PS5 leak.

PlayStation 5 Website Blunder

A PlayStation 5 icon allegedly appeared – albeit briefly – on the Japanese version of the official PlayStation website earlier today before Sony promptly removed it.

With the hype surrounding the PS5 reaching fever pitch, no one will be surprised to learn that someone claims to have captured the blunder in the nick of time before sharing their findings on Reddit .

Final PS5 Design May Be Closer to the Dev Kit Than Anticipated
This PS5 icon looks a lot more like the dev kit than we anticipated. | Source: Reddit 

The icon bears a distinct resemblance to the confirmed design of the PS5 dev kit doing the rounds in recent months. The distinctive V shape and the raised back and sides are clearly on show. The website also identifies the icon as linked to the PS5.

Final PS5 Design May Be Closer to the Dev Kit Than Anticipated
Could the final PS5 design actually look like the dev kit? | Source: Twitter 

The image capturing Sony’s alleged gaffe depicts the icon sitting alongside similar ones. We see PlayStation 4, PlayStation 4 Pro, and PS VR icons, lending a slight degree of credibility to the leak.

If genuine, it suggests Sony is prioritizing cooling over a sleek aesthetic PlayStation 5 design.

The design would also represent a notable departure from most of Sony’s past consoles. Pointedly different designs between development kits and final consumer-ready consoles have historically characterized Sony’s hardware output .

Is This PS5 Leak Genuine?

As always with these types of leaks, we recommend exercising a degree of caution. The image may very well be the work of an opportunistic troll with average Photoshop skills.

As multiple Redditors point out , snapping the picture with a smartphone rather than grabbing a screenshot is an odd choice for such a seismic discovery.

Last month, we saw how far people are willing to go to orchestrate believable fake PS5 leaks. A video depicting a rather convincing PlayStation 5 boot sequence made the rounds before the author came out and revealed it was all an elaborate ploy.