Mysterious Star Wars Game ‘Project Maverick’ Surfaces On PlayStation Network

A PlayStation Network API-trawling bot has uncovered an image for a mysterious as-yet-unnanounced game titled Star Wars Project Maverick.
Star Wars Project Maverick, Star Wars, Project Maverick
The next Star Wars game could have just leaked. | Source: Twitter/PSN Releases
  • A bot has found an unannounced game called Star Wars Project Maverick on the PlayStation Network.
  • This fresh discovery features an image for the game.
  • Could this be the Star Wars game currently in development at EA’s Motive Studios or something else entirely?

An unheard-of Star Wars game titled Project Maverick has appeared on the European PlayStation Network, according to Twitter handle PSN Releases.

Mysterious Star Wars Project Maverick Game Surfaces On PSN
Source: Twitter

Star Wars Project Maverick

The Twitter account, which, according to its description, is a bot that provides updates about PlayStation 4 releases, authored a tweet earlier today featuring what appears to be artwork for this mysterious Project Maverick.

The image shows a squadron of X-wing fighters careening towards an Imperial Star Destroyer. The background appears to be two images superimposed on one another. One depicts an asteroid field in the depths of space, while the other has indistinct monoliths jutting upwards. Stamped across the middle of the image in an on-brand style and font is Star Wars Project Maverick, similar to recent Star Wars properties.

Star Wars
Source: Disney/LucasFilm

We understand PSN Releases picked up the image in much the same way that established PlayStation Network tracker site, Gamstat, keeps tabs on any changes to the PSN API.

Gamstat, for example, successfully uncovered the Final Fantasy VII demo and associated art assets back in late December by trawling the PSN database.

We’ve searched the tracker on the Gamstat website for anything related to Project Maverick and found nothing.

Mysterious Star Wars Project Maverick Game Surfaces On PSN
Source: Twitter

According to a tweet authored by GamStat yesterday, this bot might be quicker at picking up PSN updates than existing methods. Not only does this give legitimacy to this fledgling Twitter account (created last month), but it may explain why PSN Releases beat GamStat to the punch.

Could It Be Motive Studios’ ‘Unusual Project’?

As for what Star Wars Project Maverick is, your guess is currently as good as ours. According to an article on Kotaku, EA has presently two Star Wars games in development.

One is a sequel to last year’s excellent Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. The other is an ‘unusual project’ in the works at EA’s Montreal-based Motive Studios.

Could it be Project Maverick? Or are we looking a something else entirely?

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