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Microsoft Really is Getting Your Xbox Series X to Run Like a Fridge

Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:40 PM
William Worrall
Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:40 PM
  • Microsoft has taken a different approach to Sony when it comes to releasing information about its next-gen systems.
  • The latest info dump talks about how the Series X will feature amazing cooling capabilities while still being ‘whisper-quiet’.
  • This information shows how important keeping your systems cool will be from now on.

Xbox has gone for quite a different tactic from Sony. When it comes to the Xbox Series X, they actually release information about the system. Unlike Sony, who has very much left the PS5 up to our imaginations.

Microsoft has just dropped a whole bunch of new information about the Xbox Series X . The new information includes full specs, size information and also reveals a huge focus of the new system: cooling .

Xbox Series X - Fridge Joke
Xbox has very clearly decided to just embrace the meme, turning this post about the Xbox Series X into a joke about how much the console looks like a fridge. | Source: Twitter 

The Xbox Series X Will Be the Coolest Console Going

If you jump over to the Xbox Series X website right now  you’ll probably notice something. There is a lot of talk going on about keeping the system cool. Scrolling just past the ‘most powerful console ever’ section takes you to a land filled with nothing but cooling systems.

The Xbox Series X will apparently be one of the coolest gaming systems of all time. It has a three airflow cooling system shown off by slick graphics. More than that, it has a split motherboard, and various other heat syncs to keep components evenly heated.

It is also made pretty that the system is also intended to be quiet. It apparently uses a whisper-quiet fan. Hopefully, this will avoid the sound of a helicopter taking off during high-intensity moments. All of which is, of course, great news.

So Why the Focus on Cooling?

If you’re not familiar with the way that electronics work, you might wonder why there’s such a focus on cooling. After all, as long as the Xbox Series X doesn’t overheat everything will be fine, right?

Yes and no. While overheating is obviously a bad thing, it’s not the only negative associated with your console getting hot. When electronics start to get warm, they start to underperform too. So basically all of this talk about cooling is actually talk about performance.

Other than being cool as hell, the Xbox Series X really does look like a powerful and convenient machine. With SSD storage, the ability to stop and start multiple games at once and, presumably, Game Pass support.

If we want to find out how the PS5 stacks up, we’re going to have to pray that Sony actually tells us something soon.