Microsoft Confirms Xbox Series S – And the Memes are Taking Off

Within hours of Microsoft officially unveiling the next-gen Xbox Series S console, the memes are already coming in thick and fast.

Xbox's cheaper next-gen console, the Series S, will launch at $299. | Source: Xbox

  • Microsoft has officially confirmed the Xbox Series S.
  • The budget console is priced at $299 and will reportedly launch on Nov. 10.
  • The memes are coming in thick and fast.

Within hours of a massive orchestrated leak revealing the console’s design, Microsoft has officially unveiled the long-rumored, less powerful, budget Xbox Series S, little brother to the Series X.

Various leaks in recent months suggested as much, but it’s the first time Microsoft has officially confirmed the existence of the console.

Microsoft finally confirms the Xbox Series S. | Source: Twitter/Xbox

Priced at $299, the Series S promises ‘next-gen performance in the smallest Xbox ever’ according to the trickle of details released by Microsoft so far. WindowsCentral reports that both consoles will launch on Nov. 10.

Xbox Series S Memes

Not wasting any time, onlookers have not squandered the opportunity to pump out memes inspired by Microsoft’s latest major announcement, much in the same fashion as the Series X late last year and the PS5 in June.

The Series S’ tall, thin design, and the large black cooling grille sitting prominently on the top/front (depending on how you orient the console), which stands in stark contrast to the rest of the console’s white color scheme, lend to various comparisons.

A front-loading washing machine. | Source: Twitter
A drive-thru speaker box. | Source: Twitter

Twitter’s noted similarities to a speaker, a front-loading washing machine, a hot plate, a drive-thru speaker box, and even a bean from this summer’s alternative battle royale phenomenon Fall Guys.

A speaker. | Source: Twitter
A Fall Guys bean. | Source: Twitter

The similarity of Microsoft’s next-gen line-up to home appliances didn’t go unnoticed by others, who once again pointed out the Series X’s uncanny resemblance to a fridge.

Microsoft’s source of inspiration is clear as day. | Source: Twitter

While the Series S may be meme-worthy, it represents a degree of continuity in Microsoft’s hardware design, borrowing heavily from its predecessor, the Xbox One S, which shares a similar black/white scheme, and a large cooling grille perched on the top of the console, although far less conspicuously than the Series S.

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