Interview With KeyCoin – The Coin That’s Also an Operating System

August 9, 2014
KeyOS running in a virtual machine

KeyCoin is today’s Random Coin of the Day for its extensive development, including a full on customized version of TailsOS, the Linux distribution where Tor protects all communication. The team also has trading tools and an encrypted messaging system in the works along with a few other amazing features.

KeyCoin has a team of 20 active developers who help to make this ambitious project’s hotly anticipated new features, a reality.


KeyCoin Exclusive Interview

The following is an interview with KeyCoinDev, the lead developer and project manager for KeyCoin.

Market Cap: $400,000 (at time of writing)
Maximum coins issued: ~1,000,000 (The POW mining period was limited and has now ended, we did this to eliminate the ominous presence of multipool dumps allowing our coin to grow in value.

Also, we want the value of each coin to be significant as it is one of our goals to have an eventual USD pairing.

Hash algorithm: X13
PoW or PoS: PoW to block 4500 then PoS with 20% year interest.
Exchanges:Crytpsy & Bittrex
Block explorer:CryptoID
Launch date: July 15, 2014, 11:27:30 AM PST

What is the coin’s purpose?

As the importance of information and communication establishes more and more in our everyday life, another phenomenon emerges: the surveillance society. Keycoin is on the cutting edge on anonymity technology and endeavors to protect its users.

What problem does it solve?

The surveillance society can be understood as the attempt of the dominant of this world to consolidate power and privileges by controlling human communication. It is obvious that this Orwellian everyday life that has been formed is a significant and constant threat for everyone and especially for those who envision and fight for a free society. The movements for liberation, as the focal pieces of society, are targeted by continued oversight, [the] fact that obligates us to find ways and means to overcome it.

What we have accomplished:

  • An extremely fair launch with a diverse and powerful hash rate within moments of release. No premine, No instamine and No IPO [were employed].
  • A dedicated dev comprised of over 20 team members and growing; a team [who] frequently posts and answers questions 24/7 on [BitCoinTalk].
  • Slow and steady growth on the exchanges to allow for fairness in the distribution of the coin. ( we didn’t buy up our coin to accumulate for pump purposes, we want to give the keys to the world, and buy and sell with the traders)
  • Public demonstrations of our anon system in which blocks of 20 key were given to all those who were willing to participate.
  • A powerful and unique anon system that keeps your transactions secure using advanced encryption techniques, and randomized nodes that make it impossible even for the sender to [trace] the transaction through the block chain.

Who are the developers?

The KeyCoin team is comprised of [four] core members and has [an] extensive support staff who are dedicated to providing the best products and services available.

  • Member 1 ­ Full time C++ programmer, skilled with QT and cryptocurrency development
  • Member 2 ­ Python, Ruby, and PHP programmer, with a focus on web application development and API integrations
  • Member 3 ­ Well rounded, full-time graphic designer specializing in usability and interface development
  • Member 4 ­ Community relations and PR manager, will be maintaining our website, twitter, other social media, and press releases

The team is dedicated to making KeyCoin both functional and easy to use. We will continue to improve functionality and add innovative features to ensure that KeyCoin stays on the cutting-edge of cryptocurrency technology.

In fact, we have a team so strong and that it even gained the endorsement of a prominent and well-respected developer in the community that has a currency of his own.

The review of our code and anonymity solution by Dan Metcalf can be read here.

Keycoin dev team posts all updates and news in our bitcointalk thread. We are open to all community feedback and suggestions.

What are the coin’s future endeavors and how do they plan on achieving those goals?

Our immediate goals are on releasing the following as soon as possible.

  • KeyOS

KeyOS is a customized TailsOS distribution for portable USB drives. It comes pre-loaded with a KeyCoin wallet, allowing you to easily and securely transport your funds and access them from any computer.
Physical drives will be available in the future, but [the] download of the bootable ISO file will be provided early for those who prefer not to wait.

We are not stopping there either; we are also actively developing the following:

  • Decentralized Anonymous System – 40% complete
  • Tor Integration – 65% complete
  • Trading Tools ( 100% complete beta – to be released soon)
  • Encrypted messaging – 90% complete

Is there anything else you’d like to say about your coin?

We will not stop innovating; we have many plans and features that we plan to introduce, and we will always welcome suggestions from the community. We invite the community to get in touch at:

Future Goals (in no particular order and not a complete list):

  • To maintain a level of progress, community outreach, and professionalism that proves our dedication to KEY, eventually gaining large scale adoption and trading across major exchanges.
  • Increased adoption by prominent figures in the industry.
  • To set the bar and change the alt-market for the better by keeping things consistent and of high quality. We believe that this will change the alt ecosystem for the better.
  • Release an anonymous USB key based os that comes free with integrated trading tools, and an introduction to trading kit complete with a trading plan template for your personal use.
  • Make improvements to our anonymous system as they are developed.
  • Remain connected and in constant communication with our community, and taking their input and turning it into a reality.

What do you think about KeyCoin? Will their new OS make waves in the community to spur the cryptocurrency developers of the future to be more than just another currency? Leave a comment below or discuss this in the CCN forums.

Disclaimer: I am not part of KeyCoin, and I do not own any KeyCoins.

Photo Credit: KeyCoin logo used with permission of KeyCoin.

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