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Don’t Be Fooled by This Xbox Series X Gameplay Rumor

Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:37 PM
Jasmine Henry
Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:37 PM
  • A new Xbox Series X rumor has suggested that Microsoft will be attending the AMD Financial Day to reveal the first gameplay from the console.
  • The rumor also said that Forza series developer Turn 10 would be sharing gameplay from an “unnamed racing game”.
  • The leak seems to have fooled many Xbox fans but it likely doesn’t hold any water.

On the Xbox Series X Reddit , a post about the console’s gameplay reveal seems to be getting some popularity. The post claimed that Microsoft would be attending AMD Financial Day on March 5 to reveal the first Xbox Series X gameplay.

The post also said that Forza developer Turn 10 would share gameplay from an “unnamed racing game” and rumored Fable developer Playground Games would show a teaser for a game in a forest.

Klobrille Xbox Series X tweet
Source: Twitter 

The Forza games do look brilliant on Xbox One and Turn 10 could make something better with the Xbox Series X. There have been rumors about a new Fable game and the Xbox Series X will use AMD technology. The leak does sound good which is why it was able to fool so many people.

The leak was so well written that it fooled Klobrille, a popular leaker who has also leaked information about other Xbox series before. Many of these leaks have been right which is why it was so surprising when Klobrille tweeted a link to the Reddit post and said that they think it could be real.

However, just a couple of hours later and Klobrille had “come to the conclusion this specific rumor is very likely not true.” Klobrille didn’t say what made the rumor wrong but it does show just how easy it was to fool fans. It also shows that until Microsoft makes an official Xbox Series X announcement, fans shouldn’t just listen to every leak.