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Trump Adviser Invokes 9/11 to Explain Bitcoin Threat

mike pompeo, bitcoin, 9/11

By CCN Markets: When Trump adviser Mike Pompeo addressed crypto regulation during a Tuesday morning interview, he claimed that he didn’t want to start a “viral moment.” However, at least one of his remarks threatens to spark some blowback from bitcoin investors. Mike Pompeo: 'Anonymous' Bitcoin Is a National Security Threat Pompeo, President Trump’s second secretary of state, suggested that the...

Facebook Poaches Ex-GOP Aide to Peddle Libra to Congress

Facebook, david marcus, libra crypto, "zuck buck"

Facebook has hired a former assistant to Republican Senator Mike Crapo as a lobbyist in their broader campaign to make Libra palatable to crypto skeptics on Capitol Hill. Susan Stoner Zook stopped working as an aide to Crapo back in 2013, according to her LinkedIn profile. From there she worked in various consulting and lobbying positions. Former Crapo Aide to Hawk Libra to Committee Chair and...

Facebook, Libra & the Thrilling Rise of the Branded Cryptocurrency

facebook, libra, crypto, china

It was hard not to feel compassion for Libra chief David Marcus, watching him deal with angry questioning in Congress two weeks ago. The level of distrust in Facebook has reached new highs - some of the Congressmen and Senators replaced questions with blunt criticism aimed at Marcus and the big blue company. Even Marcus, it felt, must have been surprised by the sheer cacophony of fear...

Pro-Bitcoin SEC Commissioner Warns Against One-Size-Fits-All Crypto Laws

Hester Peirce, Cryptocurrency, Crypto, Bitcoin

Pro-bitcoin SEC Commissioner Hester Peirce says adopting a single global regulatory framework for crypto is an "unwise" approach to governing the budding industry. Peirce says continued communication among the world's financial regulators is the key to unlocking the opaque regulatory puzzle we find ourselves in. "While I believe a single global regulatory framework would be unwise, regulators can...

'You're on Your Own': UK Watchdog is Fear-Mongering Bitcoin Investors

Bitcoin, crypto, UK

Britain’s financial watchdog has warned investors that they have no regulatory protections to turn to when they buy or sell cryptocurrencies. According to the Financial Conduct Authority, the UK’s Financial Services Compensation Scheme does not cover cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. Additionally, crypto investors cannot seek the services of the UK Financial Ombudsman Service:...

US Senator: Even If We Wanted To, We Couldn’t Ban Bitcoin

Mike Crapo, Bitcoin

U.S. Senator Mike Crapo (R-Idaho) admitted that it would be difficult or impossible to ban bitcoin in the United States. The Senator offered a number of positive comments on bitcoin as he chaired the Senate Committee on Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs cryptocurrency hearing yesterday. “If the United States were to decide, and I’m not saying it should, if the United States decided we didn’t...

The 'War on Bitcoin' Is Almost Here - And It Will Get Ugly

global war on bitcoin

For better or worse, bitcoin is now on the global political stage.  It was discussed in Congress. Donald Trump slammed bitcoin on Twitter. The Treasury Secretary called cryptocurrencies a national security threat, and the chairman of the Federal Reserve urged caution. Meanwhile, India just proposed an all-out ban on bitcoin while China scrambles to create its own cryptocurrency. What we’re seeing...

Bitcoin Bull Tim Draper Savages India's Modi Over 'Luddite' Crypto Ban

Tim Draper attacks Modi for India's "Luddite" bitcoin ban

In a searing attack on the Indian government, Bitcoin bull Tim Draper wrote off the nation's proposed ban on cryptocurrency as devastating for its economic and technological progress. Draper also cited inherent corruption at the highest level as one of the key drivers behind the alarming legislation. Tim Draper Bashes Narendra Modi's Bitcoin Plans With India on the verge of a complete ban on...

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