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As Bernie Sanders Crashes & Burns, Who’s Next for the Socialist Squad’s Backing?

Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:40 PM
Aubrey Hansen
Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:40 PM
  • As Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign dies a slow, painful death, it seems he’s stopped soliciting donations.
  • It looks odds-on that Joe Biden will be the candidate to face President Trump.
  • As Sanders’ last chance fades, who will step up and accept the poisoned socialist chalice?

The hopes of Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign look to be slowly dying away. It seems like we’ll see President Trump try to secure his second term against former vice-president Joe Biden.

This is the second time running that Bernie and his socialist squad have been found wanting. 

You think it would sink in eventually. Not enough people are interested in buying what they’re selling.


Sanders’ brand of socialism isn’t what Americans want or need right now

Those who spend an unhealthy amount of time on social media will likely disagree with me on the point above. They’re wrong, though.

Social media lends a dangerously skewed version of public sentiment. It’s easy to listen to the loudest and most active voices on platforms such as Twitter and assume that it’s a good gauge of where we stand as a society.

It isn’t.

Sanders support is dwindling, but it’s still there for the time being. | Source: Twitter 

If the liberal Twitterati were a true reflection of public sentiment, we wouldn’t have Donald Trump as U.S. president today, and Bernie Sanders wouldn’t be watching his presidential nominee campaign disintegrate. 

It’s clear that Sanders doesn’t have the answers that the American public wants, so it makes sense for the socialist squad to begin planning for their next attempt to wrest power.

Step up Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Socialist supporters recognize that they have to start thinking outside the box if they’re to make a dent in the voting pattern of the masses.

It’s time to tap into the narrative that we need a female president. 

Source: Twitter 

Speaking to the New York Post, Paco Fabian, a spokesman for Our Revolution, commented: 

There’s a hunger for elevating women, and [Ocasio-Cortez] certainly fits that profile. Will she be the next leader? I don’t know, but she certainly has the profile.

This kind of move certainly makes sense, as a female socialist running for the presidential nomination ticks a lot of the boxes that “progressives” are looking to tick.

Would it be enough to win the hearts and minds of enough Americans to win the presidency? Who knows?

People are growing frustrated with the status quo

Activist Jordan Uhl commented that:

People are growing increasingly fed up with the status quo.

Some people are. But are they large enough and committed enough in number to make the kind of difference needed to accomplish anything?

I mean, if Bernie Sanders had the same level of support in the polling station as he does on social media, he’d be in a much better position today.

He doesn’t, though. For all of the chest-beating and self-righteous squawking on social media from his supporters, a fraction of them could be bothered actually voting for the guy. 

Not all female candidates are supporters of the socialist looney fringe. | Source: Twitter 

Is this the kind of movement that a candidate with a bright future like Ocasio-Cortez would want to commit to?

If 2016 and 2020 have shown us anything, it’s that America isn’t buying into the “progressive” brand of politics than the socialist squad is selling.

For someone like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, it would be career suicide to nail your colors to such a divisive, toxic mast.

Hopefully, she’s savvy enough to realize that.

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