Showcasing Virtual Reality With Blockchain, VIBEHub To Offer First VR Decentralized Marketplace; Official Token Sale Has started


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Blockchain, the underlying technology supporting the bitcoin network, has gained widespread adoption across many industries. VIBEHub is pushing these limits even further by applying blockchain technology to virtual reality (VR) to create the world’s first VR decentralized marketplace.

Both VR and AR (augmented reality) are gaining interest due to their ability to fundamentally change the user experience on any platform requiring customer interaction.

Today’s visual technology is being deployed in the entertainment, e-commerce, education and numerous other segments.

By blending cryptocurrency technology with VR/AR technology, VIBEHub will provide an unlimited, virtual universe. In doing so, the company is establishing the groundwork to launch a technology revolution with an estimated market value of at least $162 billion by 2020.

VIBEHub users will be able to buy and sell experiences that would never be possible with traditional technology: a virtual seat at a live concert where the user feels like they are actually there; a virtual meet-and-greet with a favorite artist who lives 2,000 miles away; or even a lesson in guitar, yoga or boxing where the instructor is life sized and sitting in front of the user.

The monetization opportunities for users of this platform are astronomical. Artists and educators will be able to reach hundreds of thousands or millions of fans in one stream and be able to charge a premium price for their streams in Augmented Reality.

VIBEHub enters the scene at a time when top line VR devices can be bought from anywhere between $70 and $400. The power of blockchain technology and the VIBE token can monetize the new virtual world.

What’s most impressive about VibeHub is that they’re already in beta. They presently have their own beta channel on the world-renowned Oculus platform which you can try out today. Their quality of Virtual reality work is truly among the best in the world, their development team has proven with this beta that they have been working in VR technology for years.

VIBEHub’s VR development uses Unity Engine, SteamVR SDK, Oculus SDK, Microsoft HoloLens SDK and Sony PSVR SDK. This combination of technologies will allow a cross-platform product that will work on both existing and future hardware. With such cross-compatibility, VIBEHub is destined to become the universal marketplace for high tech visual needs.

The voice chat and body tracking of avatars in virtual spaces will use P2P technologies enabling massive user scaling while containing costs.

After the token sale VibeHub will include the use of special multi-sensor stereographic cameras to achieve “HoloPresence,” a technology demonstrated by the Microsoft research team in the “HoloPortation” project. This is what the VibeHub team believes is the real future in Virtual Reality technology.

VibeHubs official Token Sale has begun on August 22nd and you can get more information about VibeHub at

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