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Twitch’s Surprise PS5 Tease Trolls With Cake On Your Face

Last Updated September 23, 2020 2:28 PM
Thomas Bardwell
Last Updated September 23, 2020 2:28 PM
  • A PS5 was spotted during yesterday Chat’s Choice Awards stream.
  • The hosts teased a reveal for the majority of the stream.
  • Turns out the PS5 was nothing more than a convincingly-shaped cake.

Twitch certainly had us going for a moment last night. During the Chat’s Choice Awards stream yesterday , viewers spotted what appeared to be one of Sony’s highly-anticipated PS5 consoles sitting on a low table behind content creator and event host Mari ‘AtomicMari’ Takahashi. It turns out this convincing-looking PlayStation 5 was none other than a cake.

Viewers quickly spotted the PS5, and it was even addressed by the hosts, with AtomicMari noting the following when co-host Day9 pointed out the blurry console  sitting in the streamer’s room;

“It’s the big elephant in the room. But, you know, what is a show if we aren’t teasing a little bit? We promise we will get to it.”

A blurry PS5 spotted. | Source: Twitch

Naturally, the prospect of PS5 news courtesy of a surprise peek during an unrelated Twitch stream soon spread far and wide . The official Twitch Twitter account even posted about it , adding that the event was ‘teasing…something.’

Teasing…something. | Source: Twitter 

Initial doubt set in, though, when The Game Awards’ Geoff Keighley jumped into the mix to say that AtomicMari didn’t have a real PS5 console .

A few further probing questions from Day9 later and the moment finally came to hone in on the one thing most viewers were waiting for with bated breath. After a drawn-out slice of introductory babble, Takhashi took a Katana to the PS5, butchering away to reveal the cakey-filling hidden within.

Turns out it was a cake. | Source: Twitch

There you have it; Twitch bamboozled thousands of viewers with cake.

The streaming platform and the hosts deserve some credit for keeping up with the charade for most of the stream, but it’s telling of the current situation and the sheer appetite for PS5 news that fans were duped by lashings of batter molded to look like the console.

While we have to weather these types of antics, Sony remains tight-lipped about its next-gen launch plans, although Sept. 9 is looking increasingly likely as a possible date for the next PS5 showcase.