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This PS5 Rumor Is Mind-Blowing – But I’m Scared It’s Too Good to Be True

Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:55 PM
Thomas Bardwell
Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:55 PM
  • A beguiling new rumor hints at a brand new instant demo PlayStation 5 feature.
  • The interface would allow PS5 users to browse and trial all games within seconds without downloads.
  • The source and mandatory demos suggest the rumor, while amazing, may be too good to be true.

A fresh rumor suggests that Sony’s upcoming PlayStation 5 will introduce a revolutionary new storefront feature that will allow PS5 users to demo any game on the PlayStation Store instantly.

Instant PlayStation 5 Demos

The information comes from the Twitter account PS5 Only.  According to a recent tweet, the PlayStation 5 will introduce a new PlayStation Store interface.

Latest PlayStation 5 Rumor Sounds Too Good To Be True
Source: Twitter 

It would allow players to try out any game on the storefront within seconds without the need to download game files.

Although not overtly stated in the leak, it’s implied that the game demos would be streamed straight to PlayStation 5 consoles.

PS5’s New PS Store User Interface Allows You to Browse & Try Every Game Instantly, Playable Within Seconds, With No Traditional Downloading Required, No Waiting, Before You Decide to Purchase the Full Game & Download It as Normal.

If genuine, this would give new meaning to try before you buy, offering players a chance to sample gameplay before laying down hard cash for a PS5 game.

Too Good To Be True?

sony ps5 rumor
For a console as allegedly developer-friendly as the PS5, it seems like a big ask to require every game to have a playable demo. | Source: Sony/YouTube

The credibility of this latest rumor already takes a hit due to the source. A Twitter account with the handle “PS5 Only – Console Time” doesn’t exactly instill much confidence. The same applies to the lack of background about when and how the source obtained the information.

Further denting the prospect of what would be an impressive demo feature is that the chances of Sony convincing all developers – first and third-party – to dedicate resources to creating demos for all games are slim.

The mandatory facet of the leak appears a little fanciful. The licensing headaches and the work required to offer a sample of every game would further burden the already strained development cycle of many developers.

Latest PlayStation 5 Rumor Sounds Too Good To Be True
The more we dive into the details of this PS5 rumor, the less authentic it seems. | Source: Sony Interactive Entertainment

Furthermore, the infrastructure to beam bite-sized chunks of gameplay to players would be considerable. Sony’s existing PlayStation Now service may provide the existing setup to push out such a feature, but scaling it to the magnitude hinted at in the leak would incur a significant investment.

If genuine, this rumored PlayStation 5 feature would undoubtedly prop up the console’s profile. But short of an official confirmation, it rings as too good to be true.