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This Is the Number One Reason You Should Upgrade to a PlayStation 5 ASAP

Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:57 PM
Max Moeller
Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:57 PM
  • More details on the PlayStation 5 are here.
  • We’ve learned just how much faster it is than the PlayStation 4.
  • Paired with Unreal Engine 5, Sony’s machine is sure to be a beast.

It’s not a surprise that Sony’s upcoming PlayStation 5 will be more powerful than the PlayStation 4 and its seven-year-old hardware.

That was always a given, but we’ve just learned how much faster it is. And trust me, it’s a big difference.

The PlayStation 5 will be 100 times faster than the current hardware.

PlayStation 5 Is a Massive Leap Forward

We learned of this  via a recent presentation  by Sony’s President and CEO, Kenichiro Yoshida.

After revealing that the PlayStation 5 is still scheduled for a holiday release, the presentation then notes the faster speed.

An excerpt reads:

Through a custom‐designed high‐speed SSD, we plan to realize game data processing speeds that are approximately 100 times faster than PS4.

On top of this, the hardware should load even massive games “in almost an instant.”

The PlayStation 5’s SSD has been its biggest talking point. While the Xbox Series X has a decent one, the PS5’s should blow it out of the water.

Recently, the old art director for the original Halo trilogy, Marcus Lehto, shared some insights on this.

Lehto said:

It will make a huge difference. It will open up the door for more expansive content that can stream a lot faster. Players won’t be waiting on load screens and we won’t have to hide loading behind cinematics and that kind of thing.

PlayStation 5
We still(!) don’t know what the console looks like. At least we’ve seen the controller. | Source: PlayStation 

Unreal Engine 5 Pushes Things Even Further

Of course, more powerful hardware only matters if developers can optimize for it. Fortunately, with what we saw in the stunning reveal of Unreal Engine 5, they shouldn’t have a problem doing so.

That demo was done on PlayStation 5 hardware, and according to Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney, Sony’s console is so impressive it should even help push PC gaming forward .

Sweeney said:

It has an immense amount of GPU power, but also multi-order bandwidth increase in storage management. That’s going to be absolutely critical.

Here’s looking forward to the PlayStation 5 game reveals.

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