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Stefon Diggs Trade Rumors: Top Destinations for Fed-up Vikings WR

Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:06 PM
Travis Pulver
Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:06 PM

Fans of the Minnesota Vikings can’t seem to catch a break. Having an $84 million quarterback does not appear to be worth the paper his contract is printed on—yeah, that isn’t good. Having a star player be openly critical of the team’s offense—also not great. But what really isn’t good are rumors that one of their most important offensive weapons, wide receiver Stefon Diggs, wants out of town.

Vikings Star Wideout Stirs the Rumor Mill


Diggs hasn’t torn a page from Antonio Brown’s playbook or taken any cues from Jalen Ramsey. However, if you believe the rumors, he’s growing disenchanted with the team and its “weak sauce” quarterback. While the offensive struggles this season are part of the issue, he also feels like the team may not care what he thinks – or if he is even on the team.

It kind of sounds like Jalen Ramsey’s “lack of respect” beef with the Jaguars.

Of course, the rumors become fueled even more when he starts to follow players  from other teams on Twitter.  It doesn’t help that he missed practice Wednesday for a non-injury related reason . Not talking to the media the last two weeks doesn’t help, either.

Then on Thursday he did talk to the media, but what he said certainly didn’t make it sound like he wants to play out his career – or even the 2019 season – in Minneapolis:

“But there is truth to all rumors, I guess,” he said.

He also stated that he had not requested a trade and that the only discussions he has had were related to the team playing better. But when asked if his agent had communicated anything, he told reporters, “you got to talk to him.”

Top Trade Destinations for Stefon Diggs

The Vikings have claimed that they will not be trading him, but they could be saying that in hopes teams will up their offers. The fact that he just signed a five-year, $72 million deal with $40 million guaranteed will limit the market.

One team  did contact the Vikings, but they were reportedly told that Stefon Diggs is not going anywhere.

If they were to trade him, speculation has centered around the New England Patriots, Seattle Seahawks, Indianapolis Colts, and Buffalo Bills. So who is it going to be?

minnesota vikings, stefon diggs, adam thielen
Stefon Diggs (left) isn’t doing anything to quash the trade rumors, and Adam Thielen (right) has expressed frustrations as well. | Source: KA Sports Photos/Flickr 

Don’t count on the Seahawks taking him. Yes, they could use a guy like Diggs. But it is more likely they try to improve their current unit.

Buffalo could use him, but their offense seems more run-oriented, which would make a $14 million receiver unnecessary.

Indianapolis remains an intriguing possibility. TY Hilton is the only good receiver they have, but his health is questionable. If the Colts are going to make a run at the AFC South and the playoffs this season, they need to make a deal. However, making this trade doesn’t sound like something Colts GM Chris Ballard would do.

But if anyone is going to make it happen, it will be the Patriots and their rag-tag collection of receivers. They already appear primed to make a Super Bowl run, and giving Tom Brady a weapon like Stefon Diggs would be the icing on the cake.