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Space Force Flags & Endless Flyover Jets Can’t Hide Trump’s Epic Failure

Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:56 PM
Aaron Weaver
Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:56 PM
  • Donald Trump just unveiled the new Space Force flag.
  • It’s a blatant rip-off of the Star Trek emblem.
  • Between these flyover jets, the Space Force flag, and Trump’s ridiculous tweets, it’s pretty obvious someone is trying to distract us from something.

Our finest space cadet revealed the new Space Force flag today. Donald Trump seemed downright giddy to present the news.

Unveiled in the Oval Office, the design is already getting attacked for its similarities with the Star Trek logo.  And yes, it does look nearly identical.

But no matter, the Space Force is also working on “super-duper missiles,”  according to Trump.

Combine this news with the continuous flyover jets, and you might start to get the feeling that someone is trying to distract us. From what, you say?

Try to imagine the biggest hurdle our world faces at this moment. Then ask yourself, what country has done the worst job of handling it? And who is in charge of that country? Zoom. Flyover jet.

The Space Force Flag Looks Identical to the Star Trek Logo

It must be exhilarating to reveal blatant plagiarism to the American public. Just look at the Space Force design next to the Star Trek logo:

Space Force
Source: Twitter 

Of course, this isn’t the first time the Trump team has been accused of plagiarism.

In 2016, Trump allegedly ripped off a Ben Carson op-ed.  That same year, Trump advisor Roger Stone was accused of plagiarizing an article.  And of course, we can never forget his wife, Melania Trump’s infamously copied speech.

If you’re excited about this unveiling of a rip-off flag, then it goes to show just go pathetic our lives have become after several months of lockdown. To be clear, this is a lockdown that could’ve been avoided, or at least shortened if Trump wasn’t so slow to respond.

A Bleak Coronavirus Update

States have slowly started reopening. They have no doubt been hurried by the gangs of protestors who refused to cooperate. And those protestors were cheered by the man who failed them in the first place, Donald Trump.

It’s like this strange form of Stockholm Syndrome where the captives are praising the captor, who’s criticizing the people carrying out his orders.

But don’t let the Space Force flag distract you; Trump has done a terrible job.

Do you remember back in late February, when Trump was touting the fact that the U.S. had a mere 22 coronavirus cases?

Imagine if he told you then that the U.S. would eventually have more coronavirus than the next six countries combined. According to Jons Hopkins University , the U.S. leads the world in both cases (1,441,172) and deaths (87,427).

Remember when Italy seemed like a battered warzone? The U.S. has now had six times the number of cases as them. Maybe if the Trump administration opened the 69-page “Pandemic Playbook”  that Obama left them, we would be more like South Korea or New Zealand.

Whether he was inciting protests, touting #ObamaGate, or telling people to drink Lysol, he’s created a ridiculous headline every few days to keep us off the scent of his failure.

But the stink is becoming too thick. We’re more than likely due for a second massive wave of coronavirus cases later this year, and Trump must figure out a better way to respond. If not, watch out. Zoom. Flyover jet.

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