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If Trump Believes in Hope, Why Is He Pushing #ObamaGate Conspiracies?

Last Updated October 6, 2020 8:25 AM
Aaron Weaver
Last Updated October 6, 2020 8:25 AM
  • #ObamaGate was trending on Twitter on Sunday.
  • Donald Trump amplified the frenzy by tweeting about the conspiracy.
  • If Trump truly wants to give us hope, why would he blast Obama–on Mother’s Day of all days?

Do you remember when Donald Trump was downplaying the deadliest pandemic of our lifetimes? He said he wanted to “give people hope.” If that’s his true motive, then why would he tweet about #ObamaGate today and try to tarnish the only decent president this country has had in decades?

Happy Mother’s Day, from Donald Trump. | Source: Twitter 

#ObamaGate Was Trending, Then it Caught a Giant Orange Flame

#ObamaGate was already organically trending on Twitter today, likely because Obama just aptly labelled Trump’s coronavirus response a “chaotic disaster.”  Then Donald Trump sprayed some gasoline on the flame. Now millions of political armchair experts feel empowered by the president. And boy, did they express themselves.

If you want a nice summary of some of the #ObamaGate allegations, check out this thread:

Source: Twitter 

Of course, no celebration of unfounded conspiracies would be complete without a cameo from QAnon.

It’s always fun when the “confirmed source” of a conspiracy is “anonymous.” | Source: Twitter 

Many of the #ObamaGate conspiracists are also believers in the QAnon phenomenon. If you don’t know, QAnon is an entity that posts anonymously on message boards,  claiming that Trump is a hero sent here to topple the Illuminati. It might also just be Donald Trump’s username on 4Chan.

One Obama antagonist said he was “the most corrupt president in US history.”

Okay, Dan. | Source: Twitter 

The most corrupt president in U.S. history? Even if #ObamaGate is 100% true, does that make him more corrupt than, say, George W. Bush? If you believe in QAnon and #ObamaGate, then surely you buy into one of the most popular conspiracy theories of the past century. You know, the one that says George W. Bush willingly conspired in the execution of the 9/11 attacks.

Surely, all of the Obama accusations combined don’t add up to killing over 3,000 Americans while infringing on the rights of hundreds of millions more by invoking The Patriot Act. But you know, Republicans believe what Republicans are supposed to believe. The same goes for Democrats.

We Don’t Need a Conspiracies When Trump Is Showcasing His Terrible Behavior

Most of us will never know how many of the Obama accusations are true or not. Undoubtedly, some of them contain truth, and some are lies that are easy to spread to emotional activists. It doesn’t matter.

Right now, there is a deadly pandemic spreading across the planet, and even more serious; it’s Mother’s Day.

And our president is online inciting conspiracies.

Trump has already failed at so many stops during this pandemic.  In March, when addressing why he failed to inform the public about the severity of the virus, Trump said: 

Iā€™m not about bad news. I want to give people hope. I want to give people a feeling that we all have a chance.

The best hope we could ask for is a president who leads us through hard times. At the very least, he could display general traits of a decent human being.

Unfortunately, our top leader is tweeting about #ObamaGate theories and congratulating himself  on Mother’s Day instead of acknowledging his wife and the mother of his children.

You don’t need to invent a conspiracy when you can watch someone reveal his terrible character right in front of your eyes.

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