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The PS5 Digital Edition Exposes the Xbox Series S as a Weaker Option

Last Updated September 23, 2020 2:31 PM
Saim Cheeda
Last Updated September 23, 2020 2:31 PM
  • PlayStation 5 is launching with Blu-ray and Digitial edition consoles.
  • Xbox Series S is a softer option compared to PS5 Digital because of its weak power and lack of exclusives.
  • The PS5 Digital is cheaper in the long-run despite costing $100 more than the Xbox Series S.

Sony finally confirmed the PlayStation 5 launch for November 2020, with two models for the console to be available in. While the PS5’s base model is similar to the Xbox Series X variant in price and power, the Xbox Series S has been exposed as a lackluster choice by the PS5 Digital.

PlayStation 5 Is Delivering With Exclusives

Sony didn’t pull any punches in its grand reveal of the PlayStation 5’s list of games. The company focused on exclusives, first and foremost. This has allowed the console’s strength to stand out without the PS5 having to rely on third-party games, making the long wait worth it for the fans.

With killer exclusives along the lines of “Spider-Man”, “God of War Ragnarok” and the timed exclusive “Final Fantasy XVI”, the PS5’s been presented as a must-have right off the bat.


How does this tie in with the PS5 Digital? That’s because there are no distinctions in performance between the base model and this one.

The only thing separating the two is the lack of physical game playability in the Digital model, which is where the $399 price tag comes into play. Compared to the $499 of the base model, the price difference is justified as all these exclusives will be available in digital media regardless.

Xbox Series S Can’t Compare With Its Own Brand, Along With The PlayStation 5 Digital

The biggest drawback to purchasing the Xbox Series S line is the fact that the console is a downgraded version of the console. To put things into context, the Series S only has an internal storage of 512 GB, compared to Series X’s 1TB. Series X boasts 4K resolution; Series S maxes out at 1440p! Gamers are catching on to all these clauses that come with this console, as seen in the tweet below.

Xbox is facing mockery. | Source: Twitter 

Things get worse for Series S — even if you don’t count the boring interface — because that $299 price tag is only appealing on paper, as taking a closer look puts things into a frightening perspective.

If you’ve used any consoles last generation, you’ll know that game sizes have ballooned up. This makes the 512 GB internal storage of the Series S laughable. Microsoft countered by offering the Xbox Series X Seagate SSD, which is compatible with both console versions.

Xbox Series S Users Will Have To Pay More For Less Value

Th Seagate SSD isn’t good news, though, as the estimated price for this storage expansion is estimated to clock in around $200.  Simple math will tell you that combining this with the Series S price brings you straight back to the Series X cost of $499.

The “Halo” series has always been the Xbox brand’s main selling point. The latest generation hasn’t touted exclusive IPs of note either, so fans will have to make do with third-party games that are also available for the PS5.  This certainly makes both the PS5 models look far more attractive in value.

PS5 is a pretty attractive deal. | Source: Twitter 

The Series S even pales in comparison to the Nintendo Switch , as the eighth-generation console carries the same price tag but a host of exclusives no other system can have.

Basically, Microsoft is asking fans to pay $299 for a console that is guaranteed to deliver inferior quality. To fix this problem, you’ll have to shell out extra money that negates the lower price altogether.

Sony didn’t directly attack the Xbox Series S in its announcement, but the PS5 digital has fully exposed its closest rival as a weak substitute even before either console’s release.

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