PS5 Controller Lovefest Must Be Insanely Embarrassing for Xbox

Sony's PS5 strategy is infuriating, but its DualSense controller reveal is definitely leaving Xbox insanely embarrassed.

While it sucks to admit it, you have to hand it to Sony. Their strategy of a painfully-slow PS5 seems to be working wonders. | Source: Sony

  • Details about the PS5 are starting to trickle out, beginning with the DualSense controller reveal.
  • Xbox has been more upfront with information about its next-gen machine.
  • Despite this openness, Xbox is being blown away by PlayStation on social media.

After months of infuriating radio silence, we’ve learned more about Sony’s next-gen PlayStation 5 console in the last few weeks than we have in the past year. The latest information dump featured the DualSense, the PS5’s answer to the DualShock controller.

While Xbox has been much more upfront about their next-gen system, it doesn’t appear to have won them a lick of gamer goodwill.

And the most embarrassing part? Yesterday’s PS5 controller announcement sparked twice as much social media buzz as Xbox’s entire Series X console reveal.

If the PS5 controller is generating this kind of buzz, imagine what will happen when Sony finally shows off the console. | Source: Twitter(i)(ii)

The PS5’s New Controller Is Clobbering the Xbox Series X on Twitter

It’s really kind of sad. Xbox should be the hero in this story. Unlike Sony, they didn’t withhold information to keep us all hungry and begging or more.

They were upfront about the Series X, and yet the PS5 is absolutely blowing them away. And this is before we’ve even seen a picture of Sony’s console.

Even tiny snippets of information on the PS5 are attracting massive hype on social media. Back in January, Sony revealed the PS5 logo on Instagram, and it became the platform’s most-liked picture of all time.

But the cherry on top is that PlayStation’s tweet unveiling the DualSense controller has roughly 350% as many likes and retweets as Microsoft’s December post revealing the Series X console.

Source: Twitter

You Don’t Have To Like Sony’s Tactics, But They’re Working

While it sucks to admit it, you have to hand it to Sony. Their strategy of a painfully-slow PS5 reveal seems to be working wonders. They’re getting an insane amount of engagement out of pretty much everything they tell us.

Evidently, the “keep them hungry” style of console marketing is the way to go. At this point, it seems almost certain that the PS5 will enter the next generation on top. Even if it doesn’t turn out to be a better console than the Xbox Series X.

Then again, console wars have a way of getting turned on their heads. Back in the early 1990s, almost nobody would have expected Sega to stand up to Nintendo, but they did. At least for a while.

Maybe Microsoft will manage to surprise us.

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