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How the Patriots Can Upgrade at Wide Receiver – Without Signing You-Know-Who

Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:20 PM
Travis Pulver
Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:20 PM
  • The New England Patriots are struggling to move the ball down the field.
  • With the lack of talent at wide receiver, many have blamed the passing game and an aging Tom Brady.
  • Due to his begging online, there has been a lot of talk about Antonio Brown possibly coming back. But someone else may have a much better shot.

The New England Patriots only have three losses. But the last two have come in consecutive games, and Patriots fans are demanding answers .

Heading into Week 14, New England had a +177-point scoring differential. That was the second-best mark in the NFL and one of just three in the +100 range. Yes, their success has been due in large part to the defense, but the offense entered last night’s loss against the Kansas City Chiefs  sixth in the NFL in scoring (26.8 points a game).

That’s not bad.

The story surrounding the Patriots this season has been the supposed declining play of Tom Brady and the team’s struggles on offense. Yet they entered Week 14 ranked eighth in the league in passing (264.4 yards/game), despite languishing at No. 21 in the run game (96.3 yards/game).

tom brady needs wide receiver help. the patriots should sign dez bryant
Tom Brady has unfairly shouldered the blame for the Patriots’ offensive woes. | Source: Tim Warner/Getty Images/AFP

Despite their relative success in the passing game, improving it has been the focus of fans and the media.

It doesn’t hurt that they don’t have much to speak of talent-wise outside of Julian Edelman. Throw in Antonio Brown’s constant efforts to get brought back, and it is not hard to see how the Patriots passing game could be better.

If there is any truth the rumor mill, help may be on the way—but not in the form everyone is expecting.

WANTED: One Veteran Wide Receiver With Talent

There haven’t been any rumors that Antonio Brown is under consideration by the team for a return. But that doesn’t stop people from talking about the possibility. Of course, with his constant pleading and social media posts, he has made it clear he would like another chance.

While there have been reports that some players and coaches would be all for bringing him back, the most recent report says it isn’t going to happen . But that doesn’t mean help is not on the way. Deion Sanders alluded to as much during a recent appearance on NFL Gameday:

Now, he could be saying that just because he thinks it is so apparent the Patriots need help, that they will find someone.

But he might also know something—like, maybe the Patriots have been talking to Dez Bryant.

The Case for Dez Bryant

dez bryant, patriots rumors
Dez Bryant would upgrade the Patriots receiver group without forcing Bill Belichick to bring back Antonio Brown. | Source: Wesley Hitt/Getty Images/AFP

Dez Bryant has been out of the league since the Dallas Cowboys let him go following the end of the 2017 season. The New Orleans Saints signed him during the 2018 season, but he went down with a torn Achilles two days later.

He has been focused on regaining his health and says he still wants to play.

In an early November tweet , he sounded like a return might be imminent. A few days ago, he said something similar when a fan tried to get him to play Madden . Then, on an Instagram post, he responded to a fan that said he was a lock to go to the Patriots—but later deleted the comment.

  Dez Bryant teased fans by alluding to the possibility he could join the Patriots. | Source: Larry Brown Sports/Twitter  

Why remove it? Is it because he knows the “Patriot Way” involves not making such comments on social media? Could he be trying to show the Patriots he will play ball the way they’d want him to?

Or did he take it down because he didn’t want to tease the fans? Only Bryant knows for sure, and he is not telling.