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Aptos Breaks Records With 115.4 Million Transactions In One Day 

Last Updated May 27, 2024 4:17 PM
Shraddha Sharma
Last Updated May 27, 2024 4:17 PM

Key Takeaways

  • Aptos set a new daily transaction record with 115.4 million transactions.
  • The Aptos network’s transactions per second reached 32,000.
  • The surge in activity was driven by the tap-to-earn game, Taposcat.

On May 24, Aptos shattered recorded a peak of 95.6m daily transactions.  Aptos broke its own record by hitting 106m daily transactions the following day, with a peak TPS of 6,604. The network has now surpassed 115m transactions on Aptos.

The surge comes on the back of the new tap-to-earn game, Taposcat, which spurred new network activity. 

Aptos Network Activity Surge

Aptos network activity has reportedly shattered the previous high set by Sui Network by over 50%, after surpassing 115m in transactions.

Aptos surpassed 115.4m transactions in a single day, far surpassing Solana’s 31.7m transactions on the same day, according to data from Aptoscan.

Aptos reached a user TPS of 32,000, marking an all-time high. The surge in activity highlights the network’s large volumes of transactions after Taposcat usage spiked.

The Aptos network has a total of under  951m transactions to date. Its TPS for all transactions averages 19.3, updated every 30 seconds. The total supply of Aptos tokens (APT) is 1.1b, and the network is maintained by 133 active validators, with 848.2m APT currently staked.

Aptos Network Activity | Source: aptoscan
Aptos Network Activity | Source: aptoscan

As Aptos consistently maintained higher transaction levels compared to other chains, Solana recorded 31.9m transactions on May 25. Sui logged 14.3m transactions, with relatively steady but lower levels compared to Aptos and Solana.

Polygon PoS reportedly maintained low transaction levels, with 3.9m transactions. Ethereum had 1.2m transactions while Avalanche C-Chain registered 135.2K transactions.

The total transactions across all chains on May 25, 2024, amounted to 205.8m, with Aptos contributing approximately 75% of the total.

The Game Driving the Surge

The increase in transactions on the network is primarily attributed to the game Taposcat. This tap-to-earn game has engaged users by allowing them to earn rewards through interactive gameplay, driving a massive amount of transactions.

User discussions on X (formerly Twitter), argued the sustainability of the performance. Aptos community manager Chetan the “Robo” pointed out that the congestion caused by ore mining on the Solana chain highlighted Aptos’s capability to handle high TPS.

Mert Mumtaz, CEO of Helius Labs, mentioned that real stress tests are unplanned, referring to the organic surge in transactions as a true test of the network’s strength.

He explains that the high transaction volumes were driven by the game as users earn “shitcoin” by clicking on a screen rapidly.

Therefore, each click is counted as a transaction, which inflates the transactions per second (TPS) metric.

Mumtaz is highlighting a broader issue within the industry, suggesting that some projects focus more on artificially boosting metrics, such as TPS, rather than developing products that have real user engagement or demand.

Impressive Performance Not Sustainable

Aptos’ record-breaking performance highlights the network’s capacity to handle large volumes of transactions.

But it comes on the back of engagement from the Taposcat game. By surpassing other blockchains such as Solana and Sui in daily transaction volume, Aptos has demonstrated its strength.

However, as the network expands, it must consistently maintain high transaction levels to sustain user engagement and attract new participants. For true adoption to be reflected, these high transaction levels need to originate from a diverse range of protocols, not just a single application.

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